Gearbox Promises 'Borderlands 2' Will Be Less Repetitive

Borderlands 2 Gearbox Less Repetitive Scott Kester

Gearbox Software has been taking fan criticisms to heart. Despite the commercial success of the game, Borderlands was a tad repetitive. Everything from loot to enemies felt too recycled for most tastes.

Borderlands 2 will make a stronger effort to change all of that, and promises to make the player's experience consistently unique, or at least feel more varied. To achieve this, Gearbox has put their time and focus on guns, gear and loot in general. “Borderlands is really about the loot,” says concept designer Scott Kester in an interview with 2KTV. “The guns this time around are so much better. They look different, they do different things. There’s a lot more gear that’s dropped.”

We reported earlier on the customizable weapons and new upgrade system Borderlands 2 will include.

“I think focusing and doubling down on what our core was, designing the best characters and guns and environments we could to make the loot as interesting as possible.”

Kester didn’t want to disclose too much about the squeal, such as actual classes that will be available, but promised that a lot of what fans loved about the first game will make a return... even Claptrap. The annoying -- I mean, lovable chatterbox will be back to test the player's patience for slapstick.

One great change mentioned is that you will see more environments than the dull, sprawling desert players became accustomed to in the original game. Expect snow in the forecast -- some of which can be seen in the teaser trailer and the few screenshots released.


If this interview is any indication, it sounds like Gearbox aims at simply taking a good thing and making it better. It's a formula we’ve seen find success again and again — and if they spice things up more than say, an Assassin’s Creed sequel does, then fans are in for another epic adventure in Borderlands.

 Borderlands 2 has an expected release in the third quarter of 2012 on all major platforms.


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Source: VG247

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