With so many high-profile titles nearing release and having been announced recently, it’s no surprise that members of the public have been yearning to get their hands on every little bit of footage possible. One such game that has drawn a large amount of attention to itself recently is Borderlands 2. It was only a matter of time before players got a look at this sequel’s gameplay, and thanks to a creative gamer, that time has come.

Over the past two weeks, Borderlands 2 has been one of the hottest topics in the gaming industry. Not only was the first Borderlands 2 teaser released, but new screenshots surfaced which gave gamers a look at some of the new locales that they would be exploring. While these visual treats have generated quite a bit of excitement for the game, gamers are already yearning for a look at some gameplay footage.

Luckily for them, a crafty gamer attending Gamescom 2011 managed to capture gameplay footage of the recently-announced Borderlands 2, equipped with only a camera hidden inside a bag. While the move was definitely a gutsy one with recording of the title’s gameplay being prohibited, gamers everywhere will no doubt be more than pleased to get an early look at one of 2012’s most anticipated titles.


As expected, Gearbox Software has kept the core gameplay from the original game intact. In this leaked footage though, gamers get a look at not only a new creature, but two new weapons. The creature, an Arctic Bullymong, seems right at home with the rest of the series’ cast of creatures. As with Skags and Rakk, the Bullymong blend familiar animal features like those of a regular ape with more fantastical elements in order to create a truly fearsome beast.

In addition to this new brand of enemy, there were also two new models of weapons on display. While they may not be the most exotic of firearms, it’s still great to see an even wider variety being added, not even taking into account the game’s weapon customization. For gamers who favor a more accurate firearm, both of the weapons on display seem as though they would do nicely, still remaining accurate without having to aim down the sights.

These new additions to Borderlands 2 along with being able to see one of the game’s new locales in motion is sure to be enough to whet gamers’ appetites as they wait for official footage to be released. With the game promising bigger missions and stronger story immersion, Borderlands 2 looks to improve on just about every aspect of the original. As such, there’s little surprise that it will be one of the biggest releases of 2012.

Borderlands 2 is due out in 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC and Mac.

Source: PagesPortal (via Kotaku)