'Borderlands 2' Features Enemies Dropping From Space

Borderlands 2 Enemies Come From Space

In Borderlands 2, the mix of dystopia and future technology creates something that doesn't quite meet post-apocalyptic expectations, but rather is far more ridiculous in the most positive way possible. The meat of the game still a hybrid RPG-shooter, and there will still be opportunities for random encounters to occur within the world. This time around, instead of just having bandits in encampments, enemies will deploy from space!

Speaking to IGN about Borderlands 2, lead designer Jon Hemingway discussed how the new random encounter system will add some more tension to a player's experience.

Robots, courtesy of Hyperion Corporation, will deploy from space (presumably from a fancy satellite) and drop into a player's area whenever Hyperion learns the player's whereabouts. Hemingway says this will add an "interesting element of chaos" within the game. It would be hard to disagree with the man. Borderlands was all about creating ridiculous things: guns, worlds, enemies, and characters. Why not add another layer of excitement that can be applied at any given time in someone's game?

Hemingway's describes what the space-drop enemies will bring to the table.

“The bandits come out tents and that’s cool and they scream things at you and curse but robots shoot down from the moon and things explode when they hit the ground. It’s a much more visceral, spectacular way of bringing in enemies.”

Imagine driving around the desert and then, boom! A ton of weird metal things missile into the ground and out come a bunch of robots trying to kill you. That sounds like it would make the normally boring drive to drop off a quest item a bit more exciting. In fact, some of those enemies might be visible in this 14-minute video of Borderlands 2 in action.

One worry is how Gearbox Software will dictate the randomness of the encounters. If Hyperion deploys the robots when they discover the player's location, what will trigger Hyperion learning that? As long as it doesn't result a the Far Cry 2-style fiasco, it should be fine.

This addition of random encounters is also in line with the intention to make Borderlands 2 less repetitive and much more varied than its predecessor. Fan feedback is important to Gearbox, who is using that feedback for both the game and the contents of its Collector's Edition.

News about Borderlands 2 has been relatively scarce, possibly due to Gearbox focusing on Aliens: Colonial Marines. What aspects of Borderlands 2 are you looking forward to?

Borderlands 2 releases Summer 2012 for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


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