Borderlands 2 Commander Lilith Free DLC Trailer and Details

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At its annual E3 2019 press conference, Microsoft showed off an all new trailer for Borderlands 3. Quietly behind the scenes, Gearbox Software revealed its own new trailer for one of the worst kept secrets regarding free DLC for Borderlands 2. As expected, the new DLC is now available and gives players a taste of what they can expect when Borderlands 3 launches in September.

In a new tweet following the new Borderlands 3 trailer, Gearbox Software announced that the free DLC called Commander Lilith & the Fight For Sanctuary is now available for download. The DLC picks up following the events of Borderlands 2 as a new villain steps in to lay siege to the Crimson Raiders home base of Sanctuary. Worse yet, a toxic cloud is slowly enveloping the planet of Pandora.

In addition to an all new story line, the free content adds even more loot as well as a new rarity level called Effervescent. The trailer also showcases some of the stranger weapons players can come across including a rifle that shoots rainbow ponies. The toxic gas has also mutated a lot of the local populace and creatures, giving players brand new enemies to shoot at as well as an all new raid boss to hunt down.

All vault hunters and vehicles get new skins and Gearbox has confirmed that this fifth DLC raises the level cap to 80. Players can also challenge themselves to two new Overpowered Levels, which are accessible from a new location called Digistruct Peak.

For fans jumping in for the first time or picking up after an extended time away from Borderlands 2, the new downloadable content lets players create a new character right at level 30 to take part in the new content right away. With Borderlands: The Handsome Collection available for free this month on PlayStation Plus and a recent addition to the Xbox Game Pass, fans on any platform can now check out this free content.

Borderlands 2: Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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