Another Electronics Entertainment Expo has passed, and game fans around the world are still trying to prioritize their list of announced titles, not to mention bolstered consoles and platforms. Of course, there is one thing that gamers who are unable to attend the show unfortunately miss out on: the Booth Babes.

E3 2012 had no shortage of women on hand to attract attention and draw in press, from major franchises to peripheral companies trying to drum up buzz.

We’ve brought you a look at the smiling faces and…inventive costumes that have graced the floors of both E3 2010 and E3 2011, so be sure to check those out for a look at the models that were. This year’s host of informative cosplayers proved to be as friendly and talkative as ever before, with a few of our staff finding just how knowledgeable some happened to be about the games industry. Eight hour days of smiling and posing is something that none of us could do, let alone in a skin-tight outfit.

With that in mind we offer our tribute to the Booth Babes – and a few famous faces – of E3 2012, thanks to the tireless efforts of both John Jacques and Curt Hutson:

Without quite as many blockbuster franchises to show off this year, some of the smaller companies and booths managed to make a splash. Do any of the girls jump out at you for inspired costume, commitment to the product they’re selling, or merely for a smile that doesn’t seem steeped in resentment and disgust?

They may seem friendly, but for those who plan on making it out to the show in the future, be warned: some of these girls can game.

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