10 Board Games The Whole Family Can Enjoy

People are always looking for fun ways for their entire family to spend time together. A lot of people turn to family game nights in which the whole family gets together in order to sit down and play a game. For some families, that can be a video game like Mario Kart, while others tend to reach for more traditional games like board games and card games.

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While there's a huge selection of tabletop games out there in the world, a lot of them are more targeted at a certain audience. Some of these games are marketed at adults, while others are definitely aimed toward children. Finding a game that the whole family will love can be tough, but it's definitely worth it if you want to spend an evening playing a game with the whole family. To see 10 tabletop games the whole family will love, keep reading!

10 Blokus

Blokus is a strategy game in which players have Tetris-like blocks and an empty game board. Players have to position their blocks around the board so that their pieces are touching - but only on the corner. Players aren't able to place pieces next to each other and have to strategically put them diagonally from one another, while trying to block the other players.

The players have to try to fit as many of their own pieces onto the board as they can without running out of space to fit the pieces. This game is challenging, but fun and perfect to get people of all ages thinking!

9 Betrayal At House On The Hill

Betrayal at House on the Hill is a strategic board game in which players build a super spooky house piece-by-piece as they play their way through the game and try to solve the mystery at the house. While the players think they're working together, one player is actually working against the others and the remaining players have to figure out who it is and stop them before it's too late.

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This game is great for a family with older kids because some of the themes can be pretty dark and scary. It's a horror game, so it's definitely important to read about the game a little before you pick it up for family game night if you have younger kids or someone in your family doesn't like spooky stuff.

8 Yeti In My Spaghetti

Yeti In My Spaghetti is a silly and fun strategy game that will have the whole family laughing as they play it over and over. This game is definitely one that is aimed at a slightly younger audience, but it's a ton of fun for adults to play, too.

This game is a fairly simple one. A plastic Yeti toy sits atop a bowl of plastic sticks that represent spaghetti. Players have to take turns carefully sliding out noodle by noodle without letting the Yeti fall down into the spaghetti bowl. The first person to pull the wrong noodle out and have the Yeti fall into the spaghetti loses!

7 Five Nights At Freddy's

If you have any younger kids in your family that love video games, you've probably heard all about the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise. This is a series of games and books that are about a pizzeria similar to Chuck E. Cheese where the animatronics have turned evil. They're spooky, but definitely draw in the kids.

If you're looking for a fun, family-friendly way to bring Freddy Fazbear into your family game night, check out the Five Nights at Freddy's board game. To play, players spin a wheel to see which color pizza slice they're going to take from Freddy's basket. The first person to wake Freddy up when they pull out a slice loses. Fun and scares for all!

6 Catan: Junior

Settlers of Catan is a classic board game that adults that are into tabletop games just can't get enough of. Even though this game is a ton of fun for adults, it may be a little too complicated, slow, or just not exciting enough for younger members of a family.

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Luckily, little board game lovers don't have to miss out entirely on Catan's fun! Catan: Junior is a modified version of the classic Settlers of Catan that makes it a lot easier for a younger audience to understand and enjoy. In this game, players build hideous on Spooky Island and try to build ships, more hideous, and gain resources to survive and avoid the Ghost Captain.

5 Not Parent Approved

If you've ever played fill-in-the-blank card games like Cards Against Humanity, you'll know how much fun they can be to play when you're having a game night with friends or family. But, you'll also know they can get a little inappropriate and definitely wouldn't be a good choice to pull out for a family game night with younger kids.

Luckily, that's where Not Parent Approved comes in. Despite the silly name of this game, it's definitely one that most parents will find is perfectly fine for their kids to join in on. It's a younger version of games like Cards Against Humanity and the silly cards and scenarios will definitely have kids and adults cracking up. Plus, it's a good way to get your kid secretly reading and learning new words.

4 Clack!

Clack! is a fun and fast paced game. In this game, the players have a set of magnetic tiles on the table. Each tile has three different symbols that are all color-coded. One player rolls a set of dice in order to reveal which color and which symbol everyone is supposed to be picking up, ike blue stars or green feet.

Players then have to rush to grab the tokens that have that specific colored symbol and make a stack of them. The player that has the highest stack wins! This game is quick and competitive and a ton of fun to play in groups, no matter what the age range is.

3 Disney Tsum Tsum Mancala Super Stack

Mancala is a classic strategy game that dates back centuries. It's among the oldest games that archaeologists have found record of in ancient civilizations, so it's pretty amazing that Mancala is still played and is still a really popular game. This game is typically played with a wooden board and glass marbles, but this version puts a fun spin on it that will appeal to kids and Disney lovers of all ages.

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This game is a version of the classic game of Mancala, with a fun and playful twist. This game features a selection of different Disney Tsum Tsum characters and players have to compete against one another to capture the beads and collect them for their own.

2 New York Slice

New York Slice is a really unique and fun game for anywhere from two to six players. Each time a player takes a turn, they slice up a pizza and then let the other players take their choice of slices, leaving them with the pieces that are left over.

This game involves a lot of strategy because each piece is worth a different amount of points - including some pieces that give negative points! - and certain slices are a Today's Special, meaning that they give the player that takes that slice a special bonus, like being able to pick a slice before anyone else or moving their slices around.

1 Pandemic

Unlike many board games that force players to work against each other to try to win individually, this game encourages all the players to come together to try to play against the game. In Pandemic, players have to try to come together to research and stop a deadly virus that has taken hold of the Earth's population. If they fail to do so, the virus will wipe out life on Earth.

If your friend group or family finds that they're really into playing Pandemic, then you're in luck! There are several expansions and new seasons that have been released for this game to really expand on the fun and make it fun to play over and over.

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