The Blur multiplayer beta is set to come to a screeching halt in five days time, but not being one to let things slowly wean out developer, Bizarre Creations, have added a few new last-minute features to the powered-up street racer.

The Xbox 360 exclusive beta will shut down on May 10th to make way for the games full release on May 25th, which means you’ve got just under a week to experience the latest tweaks.

The new features will be implemented today and are as follows:

  • The ability to play A-Class cars in standard playlists.
  • An expanded Supercar Racing Playlist that include races in Tokyo and Amboy.
  • Power-Ups now shuffle so each race has different Power-Up placement.
  • Players can earn double the amount of fans for each race, allowing players to quickly reach Rank-15 and experience the full Beta demo experience.

I haven’t really spent much time with the Blur beta, only participating in a couple of races. So I’m definitely going to use these final few days to get a few more races under my belt – especially while the double fans feature is enabled – I think that Bizarre really made a good call adding that into the mix, as it gives people like myself more of opportunity to see what the multiplayer component really offers.

What are you impressions of the Blur beta? Are these new features enough to make you return to the racer?

Blur will be wheel-spinning it’s way into stores on May 25th in North America and on May 28th in Europe for Xbox 360, PS3 & PC.