Bloodborne Guide: Where to Find the Blood Rock for Weapon Leveling

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So far, we’ve provided the Game Rant readers with a few helpful tips for beating Bloodborne’s more challenging bosses. We’ve highlighted the weak spots of Rom the Vacuous Spider, shown how to take advantage of the Blood-Starved Beast’s obsession, and revealed that Amygdala is not as impenetrable as some players might think. But, that’s all useless information if players can’t enter a battle fully prepared.

Sure, there are players who are capable of defeating every Bloodborne boss without leveling, but the rest of us need plenty of firepower. We need strong weapons, the perfect armor set, and a full set of Blood Vials for emergencies.

To the weapon point, many players might be wondering how to make their weapon of choice the strongest it can be. At first, that requires a supply of readily available upgrade materials called Blood Shards (first regular, then Twin Blood Shards). Then, as players’ weapons get stronger (up in the +5 range or so) they will need Blood Stone Chunks, which are a little harder to find but still available if players know where to look.

However, if players want to level their favorite Bloodborne weapon up to +10 they will need an upgrade material called a Blood Rock. And unlike the other upgrade materials, players only need one Blood Rock to level their weapon.

Things get tricky, though, when you consider that there is only one Blood Rock in the entirety of Bloodborne’s main game. Yes, it’s possible to get Blood Rocks from the game’s Chalice Dungeons, but there’s no guarantees. Players looking for a sure-fire Blood Rock will want to follow these steps.

In order to get the Blood Rock, players will need to reach the Nightmare of Mensis area, which is fairly late-game and very tough. But, assuming players have been regularly leveling and upgrading their weapons, they should be able to survive long enough to reach the Micolash, Host of Nightmares boss fight. After beating Micolash players are now free to pick up their Blood Rock.

Bloodborne Blood Rock Path

That’s easier said than done, though, as the Blood Rock is actually seated below the Mother Brain in the Nightmare of Mensis. Yes, the giant glowing thing that ticks up players’ frenzy bars and practically insta-kills them is standing between them and a +10 weapon.

Luckily, there’s a way to take out the Mother Brain that doesn’t involve fighting it directly. From the Middle Loft lantern in the Nightmare of Mensis (the one that activates after beating Micolash) players will want to head forward until they reach an elevator with a broken cage. This elevator is meant to serve as a shortcut, but it’s also the only safe path to the Mother Brain.

As the elevator descends, players should run against the wall until they fall through an open pathway. Follow this pathway past a couple enemies, including a few deadly Frenzy Brain enemies, until they reach a lever. Pulling that lever will drop the Mother Brain out of its enclosed area and free up access to the Blood Rock.

After that, players will want to back track to the Micolash boss fight area, use the key they found during the fight to open the gate, and then head towards the large structure. On the ledge below should be a glowing item, which is the Blood Rock. Mission accomplished. Now go back to the Hunter’s Dream and level up that weapon.

If any of those directions are a little confusing, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Here’s a helpful video (via PowerPyx) showing where exactly to go:

Also, if any of the past Bloodborne boss fights are causing trouble, here are a few helpful guides:

Have you had any trouble finding the Blood Rock? What has your luck been like in finding Blood Rocks in Chalice Dungeons?

Bloodborne is available now for PS4.