Find a lamp, head back to Hunter’s Dream one last time and experience the nightmarish realism that Unreal Engine 4 brings to Bloodborne‘s creepy safe haven.

When environment artist Simon Barle wanted to learn how to work with Substance Painter, a 3D painting software, he chose Bloodborne‘s Hunter’s Dream as his subject; the results were impressive.

In an interview with 8 live, Barle explains how he rebuilt Hunter’s Dream from the ground up in Unreal Engine 4. He was first inspired by Bloodborne‘s prominent gothic architecture that was often mixed with dark, twisting shapes, which results in the delightfully macabre world Barle felt was a, “very interesting environment.” After that, the Hunter’s Dream in the game was an easy choice, since many will agree it exemplifies Bloodborne‘s signature horror style.

Barle says he built the assets in Maya, but the texturing for the scene was mostly done in Substance Painter and Substance Designer. Of course, there is plenty more to the process than that.

For a complete walkthrough, check out the full interview for tips or purely for curiosity’s sake. It is a interesting, if not meticulous process, but one to be admired; especially when the end result is so captivating. For those still not impressed, this was merely a side project for Barle. He currently works as an environment artist for EA DICE.

Bloodborne was a risky gamble for developer FromSoftware, not only because it was PlayStation 4 exclusive and released early in the console’s lifecycle, but because this style of game does not appeal to everyone because of its brutal, unforgiving nature. As a spiritual successor to the Dark Souls series, which shares developers, this kind of game is meant to be really difficult and typically only those who are gluttons for punishment dare pick up controllers.

At the heart of their madness, though, fans simply love a good challenge, and while most are content with playing Bloodborne as is, some still think the game is too easy. One fan with this mindset decided to play through Bloodborne without ever gaining a level. But regardless of how the game is played, Hunter’s Dream is the place all Hunters calls home.

For the uninitiated, Hunter’s Dream is a central hub for the game, a safe place. When a player needs to upgrade, shop, or simply have a moment of reprieve, this is the spot. While safe from threats, this refuge hardly looks it. The nightmares of Bloodborne‘s world never feel too far away because of the game’s ability to keep the horror atmosphere persistent no matter where players may find themselves.

Barle manages to intensify that atmosphere by amping up the realism. While Bloodborne is no slouch when it comes to graphics, this reimagining has Hunter’s Dream looking better than the original, which says a lot about Barle’s skill. Hopefully, Hunter’s Dream will come back, when or if there is a sequel, and it will look this good.

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Source: 80 level (via GamesRadar)