New 'Bloodborne' Trailer Is Bloody & Beautiful

Bllodborne - Alone in the Field


Before making an appearance at the PlayStation Experience this weekend, From Software brought Bloodborne to The Game Awards tonight (which is also taking place in Las Vegas). Coming along for the early showing was a brand new trailer showing off some more gameplay. Unsurprisingly, it's not as long as most of us would like, but it certainly serves as a good appetizer for what's to come from the developer tomorrow. Besides, three minutes is probably more than what some expected from the former Spike TV awards show.

The new trailer shows a bit more of the co-op play, with the player character and his companion tag-teaming enemies and dropping from impressively high heights. The simple lack of fall damage (for now, anyway) further proves that From Software is taking Bloodborne in a different direction from the Demon's/Dark Souls series. Faster movement speed and combat that emphasizes dodging over blocking and parrying will more than likely confuse Dark Souls veterans and force them to remember what it was like to be cautious.

Later on in the trailer, after torching a poor foe with a flamethrower-type weapon, the player character seemingly teams up with two other players (or A.I. characters) to take on a formidable foe --one that likes to spend its spare time hacking into corpses. Things go relatively well, until, well, that ol' Dark Souls heritage pops up and the situation goes badly rather quickly. Lets face it, it wouldn't be a game from From Software without a little death...and brutality. Although, something could be said about whoever was controlling the main character at the time; better timed dodges and attacks that actually connected may have helped a bit.

Bllodborne - Alone in the Field

Bloodborne was originally set to release in February 2015, but was slightly delayed to March 2015 to allow for more development time. Masaaki Yamagiwa, Producer for Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Studio, explained last month that the extra time would help the team implement the feedback and player data gained from their small Alpha test.

Seeing as how there was even a limited Alpha, there's still hope that PS4 players could get a beta or brief demo prior to the game's full launch. Keep those fingers crossed over the weekend for something akin to that or, at the very least, another trailer.

The PlayStation Experience begins tomorrow, December 6, 2014 and ends the following day, on December 7. Expect some exciting details (and more teases) from the Dark Souls spiritual successor and more.

Bloodborne releases exclusively for the PS4 on March 24, 2015.

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