How to Turn ‘Bloodborne’ into Old School ‘GTA’ with Camera Glitch

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Anyone who wishes that Bloodborne was more like Diablo might be in luck. Thanks to a new video that’s making the rounds, there’s proof that Bloodborne can be played with a top-down camera – if the game glitches in just the right way.

The video was captured by YouTube user PaiNz, in a video named Grand Theft Bloodborne, honoring the top-down perspective used in GTA 1 and 2 (and revived for the recent handheld title, Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars). That title’s proving a little controversial – thanks to Bloodborne’s gothic fantasy setting and roguelike inspirations, many people seem to think that Diablo, Zelda, or Gauntlet are better comparisons – and the unofficial top-down doesn’t look like the best way to play Bloodborne, although it’s certainly a different one.

PaiNz isn’t the first person to discover this glitch, of course. A quick Google search reveals a little-watched video of “Diablo style” Bloodborne from bobby2times, dated March 24, the same day that the game came out. Bobby found the glitch by knocking the “gatling gun boss” – presumably Djura, the Hunter with the machine gun in Old Yharnam – off the top of his tower. When Bobby tried to retrieve the loot Djura dropped, the top-down mode kicked in.

Grand Theft Bloodborne

PaiNz’s version of the bug is a lot easier to replicate, which is probably why it’s more popular. Players simply jump off a ladder and land on a ledge a little further below, and the camera gets stuck in top-down mode. PaiNz also gets extra points for presentation: the video opens with a Bloodborne-themed Grand Theft Auto screen, and plays the San Andreas theme song in the background.

Bloodborne’s top-down perspective isn’t an official mode, and there are some problems with it. For one, it’s not permanent, and the camera reportedly returns to normal when a new area loads. Bobby2times complained that the top-down controls were “wonky,” and PaiNz looks like he’s having some trouble controlling the game in his video, too.

It remains to be seen how long Bloodborne’s developer, From Software, keeps the Diablo-style viewpoint around. So far, From Software has been fairly aggressive issuing patches (a recent update reduced Bloodborne’s load times by over 15 seconds), but this bug is probably pretty low priority. Compared to some of Bloodborne’s other glitches – like the one that nerfs boss fights, making the game much easier than it’s supposed to be – this one is pretty harmless.

Bloodborne is out now for PlayStation 4.

Source: PaiNz