'Bloodborne' Story Trailer Highlights Deadly Monsters & Gothic Setting

Bloodborne Story Trailer


Despite The Order: 1886's gorgeous graphics and an intriguing premise, it turned out to be kind of a dud. As such, Sony fans are looking to the other Victorian-era PlayStation 4 exclusive to turn things around. Bloodborne, the spiritual sequel to Demon's Souls and Dark Souls, is scheduled to hit the PlayStation 4 in just over a month. And like The Order: 1886, Bloodborne looks to combine lush next-gen visuals with a unique and haunting setting, delivering a game that feels both familiar and entirely new.

That's not to say that the two games are similar, of course. The Order: 1886 was a traditional third-person shooter through and through, while Bloodborne mixes firearms and melee weapons to create a decidedly unique experience. Bloodborne's combat recalls the deliberate, tactical battles of producer Hidetaka Miyazaki's previous title, Dark Souls, but kicks the pace up a few notches. As before, button-mashing will get players killed; this time, however, it'll happen a lot faster.

Combat isn't the only difference between the two games. The Order: 1886 tried to get gamers interested in its film-like narrative - the word "cinematic" was used a lot in The Order's pre-release hype - but From Software has been markedly tight-lipped about Bloodborne's story. That's changing. With the game's release on the horizon, From Software has finally released a trailer that lays out Bloodborne's basic story, and yes, it's just as strange as the game's moody visuals suggest.

Bloodborne Story Trailer

According to the trailer, Bloodborne takes place in Yharnam, an abandoned Victorian city that's been overrun by the so-called "Plague of Beasts." In Bloodborne, players take the role of the Hunter, a stranger and foreigner who arrives in Yharnam and to fight the infected townsfolk, whose sickness transforms them into gigantic demons. There's also something involving blood; the trailer opens with a character (presumably the Hunter) strapped to a table and receiving an injection, while a man ominously explains that "the blood makes us human… more than human."

On a purely logical level, the trailer doesn't entirely make sense, but in many ways that fits in perfectly with the game's gothic aesthetic. The world of Bloodborne looks less like a real place and more like a nightmare, and it makes sense that the game's story would follow a kind of dream-like logic. From the looks of things, Bloodborne will have enough of a plot to drive players forward, but not so much that it gets in the way of the gameplay itself. If only other titles could say same...

Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 exclusive, currently scheduled for March 24, 2015.

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