This Bloodborne Statue Costs $800

Bloodborne Status From Prime 1 Studio

From Software's Bloodborne released in 2015 to critical acclaim, with the brutally challenging title quickly becoming a fan-favorite and carving its way to become one of our best PlayStation gift recommendations. Those who opt to give Bloodborne a try don the role of a figure named The Hunter, a character given the unenviable task of fighting the horrors of Yharnam while seeking out something called the Paleblood. High-end collectibles manufacturer Prime 1 Studio is capitalizing on the popularity of the series, beginning pre-orders for a detailed Bloodborne statue to commemorate the popular title.

The $800 Bloodborne statue puts the product in a price range that will likely only interest serious collectors and large fans of the series, but one can't deny the talent behind the intricate details that Prime 1 Studio has produced. The statue itself comes in at about 32 inches tall, and features a fair variety of optional changes for statue owners. The Hunter's right hand can either be holding a threaded cane (which is a Prime 1 Studio exclusive), a saw cleaver, or a hunter axe, whilst the street lamp behind the gory scene can also be replaced by a pillar.

Fans of Bloodborne (and gaming memorabilia collectors) can check out a prototype collectible statue below:

Bloodborne Statue 800 Dollars
Bloodborne The Hunter Statue

Prime 1 Studio is no stranger to producing these kinds of statues, having made a Batman: Arkham Knight Batman Beyond skin last year, preceded by the company's pricey $900 Arkham Knight statue from a year prior. The company produces statues can typically range from $300 to over a thousand dollars, which means the Bloodborne statue certainly falls onto the higher end of the company's spectrum.

Though the game was a hit among a fans, From Software producers haven't confirmed whether the studio was producing a sequel for this year, and the statue itself somewhat falls under the same rhetoric: it won't be released until July to September 2018, making this purchase one for the future.

Interested gamers can swing by the Sideshow Collectibles website to take a closer look at the latest Bloodborne collectible.

What do you think about Prime 1 Studio's Bloodborne statue, Ranters? Would you shell out $800 for the collectible?

Source: Prime 1 Studio

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