Bloodborne Players Finally Find Secret Enemy

Bloodborne Players Finally Find Secret Enemy - Bloodborne: The Old Hunters box art

Bloodborne has been out for over two years at this point, yet players are still finding new content hidden in the game. Gamer KolbrotKommander recently found a secret enemy hidden in one of the game's Chalice Dungeons that was previously believed to have been cut, proving that Bloodborne is even deeper than initially thought.

While exploring a Chalice Dungeon in Bloodborne, reachable using the glyph code pa6ssc6u, KolbrotKommander came across the Flaming Undead Giant enemy. Footage of the Flaming Undead Giant was shown at the 2014 PlayStation Experience, but the enemy itself has never been spotted in the game until now, with many assuming that it was scrapped before launch.

KolbrotKommander's discovery was documented by YouTuber Moros Nyx, whose footage of the Flaming Undead Giant can be seen in the video below.

Bloodborne's surprising depth is one of the reasons why the game earned such widespread critical acclaim when it launched in 2015. The game stands as one of the most critically-acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive titles, so it's not surprising that fans have been clamoring for a sequel. However, despite Bloodborne's critical and financial success, it's uncertain if a sequel is actually in development or not.

Rumors have persisted since From Software released The Old Hunters DLC expansion that a full-fledged sequel is on the way for Bloodborne. Unfortunately for fans, these rumors have been repeatedly debunked by From Software, with the studio indicating that it is working on new IP instead.

If Bloodborne 2 is in development, then the perfect time to announce it is right around the corner. Sony plans on hosting another PlayStation Experience event on December 9th, and it would be fitting for the game to be announced at the show. Whether or not Bloodborne 2 makes an appearance at the PlayStation Experience this year remains to be seen, but if not, fans can probably find some more content hidden away in the original's Chalice Dungeons.

Bloodborne is available now, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

Source: Kotaku

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