‘Bloodborne’ Beats ‘Battlefield Hardline’ in March PSN Sales; Tops 1 Million Sales Worldwide

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BloodBorne has been an absolute gaming phenomenon since its launch at the end of March. Even though gamers may be tired of some of the title’s cover art cliches, they are certainly fond of BloodBorne’s gameplay and tough difficulty level. The From Software-developed game has proven to be exceedingly popular, throwing out the idea that only easy games can make it big in the modern video game industry.

As it turns out, it’s not only the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide that are being dominated by From Software’s hard-as-nails gothic adventure. Since the game’s launch on March 24, the title has also been taking sales charts in its stride. In figures released by Sony via its PlayStation Blog, Bloodborne has topped the PSN download chart.

It’s an impressive feat from the Sony-published title, and the monstrous sales records don’t end there. The publisher has also revealed that BloodBorne has already reached the one million sales mark, with Sony letting the news out alongside details on the game’s next patch. What makes BloodBorne’s sales achievements all-the-more impressive is that the title is only available on the PS4, and is aimed at a more adult gaming audience.

Bloodborne Sales Figures March 2

The PS4 exclusive pipped the Visceral Games-developed Battlefield Hardline to the top spot of the PSN charts for March. Although BloodBorne did have the backing of Sony, it’s still nothing to be frowned at, particularly given that Hardline released a week earlier off the back of a huge publicity push from publisher EA. BloodBorne certainly seems to have been taken in by the gaming community, with fans of the title hunting for hidden content such as how to play as a werewolf and sharing tips on how to beat the game’s fearsome bosses.

Perhaps some of Battlefield Hardline’s defeat in the sales was the result of its own volition, however. The game has had a positive critical reception and has sold well, but some have stated that the game struggles to find its own identity and is not the promised revolution of the Battlefield franchise. There have also been some troubling movements behind the scenes since the game’s release, with Visceral’s longstanding General Manager Steve Papoutsis leaving the Dead Space developer.

Nonetheless, second place behind such a popular title is not an embarrassing return for Battlefield Hardline, and the game’s physical sales figures have also been impressive. Even more interesting is the fact that the highly-anticipated but ultimately underwhelming The Order: 1886 has dropped off the top twenty chart entirely. Although graphically stunning, the title was accused of being all hype and no bite, playing it safe with linear gameplay and a short runtime. After that initial commercial success, it looks like The Order: 1886 will have little staying power in the sales charts.

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