YouTube blacksmiths and Bloodborne fans Man at Arms decide to recreate one of the most iconic weapons from the From Software RPG, crafting the title’s saw cleaver.

When From Software’s Bloodborne was released in March of last year, players were wowed not only by the sheer challenge of the gameplay on show, but also by the level of detail that the game provided. From foreboding settings to grotesque enemies, the title felt like a rich, if sometimes terrifying, experience, making the Sony console exclusive one of the reasons to buy a PS4. Even the weapons have struck a chord with some, including a group of fans who decided to craft one of the game’s weapons in real life.

These gamers in question are no ordinary fans, however, instead coming from a family of blacksmiths. These users, who showcased their design of the weapon for the YouTube series Man at Arms, decided that Bloodborne had sufficient incredible weapon designs to warrant recreating the game’s saw cleaver. The end result is incredibly similar to the weapon that appears in the actual game.

Making the saw cleaver was far from an easy process, however, with the team getting creative and using items such as railroad track and iron piping. When the saw cleaver was finally finished, however, the Man at Arms crew tried out the weapon on a variety of objects, including bottles of shaving cream, mock heads, and soda bottles. The full video can be seen below.

It’s no surprise to see fan recreations of some of Bloodborne’s weapons. The title’s rich setting and fantastic design helped make the game into one of the highest quality gaming experiences of last year. Not only was the game one of our picks of the best role-playing games of the year, but it ranked incredibly high on our top ten games of 2015.

Across the board, Bloodborne received rave reviews upon release, as well as proving to be a huge commercial success. This victory for From Software was not a sure fire thing, however, with Sony having some concerns about the game releasing so early into the PS4’s life cycle. Nonetheless, Bloodborne has become a standout title for the console.

Bloodborne is far from the only game to be on the receiving end of real-world weapon recreations, however. One intrepid Fallout 4 fan decided to build one of the game’s pipe pistols in real life, Whilst The Witcher 3 developer CD Projekt RED ran a holiday mod creation contest where the prize was a custom-made sword. Even when compared to other real-world creations, this fan-made saw cleaver is hugely impressive.

Source: YouTube (via Destructoid)