The latest update for Bloodborne makes it possible for players to purchase the extremely rare Blood Rocks, which are needed to fully upgrade weapons in the game.

Bloodborne is known for its extreme level of difficulty – at least compared to most other games – so whenever something comes along that makes it easier, it’s appreciated by the community. Well, the latest update for Bloodborne has made at least one aspect of the game less of a monumental challenge, as players are now able to purchase the extremely rare Blood Rocks.

For those that aren’t savvy with Bloodborne, Blood Rocks are the only way to max out weapons. There are a very limited number of Blood Rocks available in the main game, which means that players typically have to be very selective when choosing which weapons to upgrade. However, now that Blood Rocks are available to purchase from the Insight Shop, players will be able to max out more weapons than before and at a quicker rate.

Fully upgraded weapons are an invaluable resource in the game for players that aren’t capable of, say, beating Bloodborne without healing or leveling up a single time. The more upgraded weapons available to players, the better chance they stand against the game’s many threats, but even though purchasable Blood Rocks certainly makes them easier to obtain, they don’t come cheap.

bloodborne how to get holy moonlight sword

Unfortunately, Blood Rocks will run about 60 Insight apiece, which is quite expensive. Easing the pain of this somewhat high price at least a little bit, though, is the fact that the update lowered the price of the Blood Stone Chunks (another in-game item used for weapon upgrading) as well, from 30 Insight to 20.

From Software’s continued support for Bloodborne is impressive, and many fans will undoubtedly be happy to have an easier means of obtaining Blood Rocks. With all the new weapons (such as the Holy Moonlight Sword) added in the recent expansion, The Old Hunters, it’s good to know that upgrading one’s favorites to max level will no longer be such a monumental feat. In the meantime, it will be interesting to see if future updates to Bloodborne will add even more ways to make the notoriously difficult game easier – even if it is just slightly.

What do you think about Bloodborne‘s latest patch? Do you like that Blood Rocks are now available for purchase, or would you rather players have to obtain them the old-fashioned way? Drop a comment below and talk to us about From Software’s critically-acclaimed Bloodborne.

Bloodborne is currently available as a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Source: VG 24/7