Bloodborne Rewarding Players for Earning Its Platinum Trophy

By | 1 year ago 

As one of the more interesting and engaging features to surface during the last console generation, collecting Achievements/Trophies have quickly become one of the more enjoyable aspects of playing games for some users. Given the replayability it adds for gamers and completionists alike, they’ve quickly become a fun way to show off one’s rep to friends and strangers alike. Of course, that’s not always the case.

Some titles provide gamers with nearly impossible accolades to gather, which ensures that many will never reach that coveted 100% on the title – or, in the case of PlayStation users, that coveted Platinum Trophy. One recent game that’s been a challenge for fans has been Bloodborne, which has gained ample notoriety and fame for its level of difficulty. Even then, however, some have managed to Platinum it, although they likely didn’t expect any sort of reward for accomplishing this feat.

Evidently, Sony has other plans, as the company has begun sending out emails to those residing in Europe that have earned the Platinum Trophy in Bloodborne. Inside these emails is a unique code to download an exclusive theme appropriately titled the ‘Bloodborne Platinum Theme’, allowing all those that visit the gamer’s domicile the opportunity to see that that particular user has bested one of the most difficult games available on PS4. In a rather bizarre move though, the theme has only been doled out to those that call Europe home, according to the President of Sony Computer Entertainment, Shuhei Yoshida.

A YouTube user that goes by the handle Shirrako recently uploaded a video for those wanting to see the theme in action. As far as things go, it looks pretty basic, but you can judge that for yourself.

Rewarding dedicated players with items for playing a game to completion isn’t something that’s been traditionalized by any company thus far. Instead, gamers have always just looked upon Trophies/Achievements with a sense of accomplishment and competition amongst friends. What’s very interesting about this move in particular is the greater ramifications it can have on fans, as it could be the beginning of more exclusives handed out to only the most dedicated of players.

With a bevy of new games set to arrive later this year, exclusive themes and potentially even in-game items distributed amongst the most dedicated could become the norm from developers. Only time will tell what Sony’s Platinum plans are – and even if it plans on doing it outside of Europe – but it’s undoubtedly one of the more interesting moves the company has made on the front in some time.

Would you like to receive exclusive themes and items for completing games? Have you earned the Platinum Trophy in Bloodborne? Get at us in the comments.

Bloodborne is currently available exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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