‘Bloodborne’ Beat Without Leveling, Using Guns, or Healing

By | 1 year ago 

In the months since Bloodborne’s release in March, many players have set out to beat the game in more challenging, and creative ways. And how could they not? Despite the fact that the game doesn’t go easy on anyone, it almost demands that people take it head on and come up with challenges of their own – and succeed. As we’ve seen in the past, Bloodborne has been beaten and torn apart in order to uncover the mysteries it contains, and we’ve seen players play the game in the most unusual ways, both with and without the easy mode glitch.

People have taken to speedrunning the game, finishing its Chalice Dungeons at the lowest possible level, and even beating it while using a Rock Band controller – which, despite being one of the more creative ways of conquering Bloodborne, may have also been the most unnecessary. Although, how many people can honestly say they did the same?

The trend of beating From Software’s game in new ways continues, however, with Twitch streamer Craddoc. We’ve already talked about a previous player that decided to complete the game without leveling or using the sidearm, but Craddoc took things a couple of steps further by forgoing the use of healing items, and starting with the worst origin in the game: Waste of Skin.

Bloodborne - Waste of Skin Origin

For those that passed over this particular origin and never looked back, Waste of Skin starts player out at level 4 (as opposed to the usual level 10), and with a measly 10 Blood Echoes, but it does come with a very uplifting description that’s sure to make many Hunters proud of themselves:

“You are nothing. Talentless. You shouldn’t have been born.”

Of course, the actual origin doesn’t mean much once players have progressed to a certain point, nor does it have any impact on the players themselves. It certainly didn’t bother Craddoc at all, as he proceeded to beat Bloodborne (again, presumably), including all of the optional bosses. That is, except for the ones found within the Chalice Dungeons, but who’s to say he won’t move on to that afterwards.

All of Craddoc’s fights against the bosses – from the once-terrifying Cleric Beast to the Moon Presence – can be found on his YouTube channel. It should go without saying that there are spoilers. In fact, one of the final bosses can be considered a massive spoiler, so watch at your own risk.

Expect to hear about more daring feats such as this in the future, because it doesn’t seem like the Bloodborne community is too keen on leaving it behind just yet. Besides, people have to do something with the game until its expansion comes out. Then we get to do this all over again.

Source: Craddoc on Twitch/YouTube