Bloodborne Guide: How to Get Ludwig’s Holy Blade

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Since its release in late March, Bloodborne has been a seemingly endless source of player discussion and debate. Among PS4 owners the game is praised for its strong combat and rich world, and is referenced as further proof of Sony’s current-gen dominance.

For From Software and Dark Souls/Demon’s Souls fans, however, the game is something a little different. Some are praising Bloodborne, while others are criticizing its perceived lack of difficulty by comparison.

Regardless of that, many players are still digging through Bloodborne and trying their best to tackle each boss one step at a time. The Rom the Vacuous Spider boss fight, for example, has been giving Bloodborne players plenty of trouble, with many finding it hard to do enough damage while also contending with his poison cloud.

To that end, we’ve put together a helpful guide for Bloodborne players looking to get a very useful weapon capable of doing plenty of damage. This weapon, called Ludwig’s Holy Blade, is one of the best Bloodborne has to offer, and is accessible pretty early on in the game. The only trick is that players need to know where to look

Bloodborne Ludwig Blade Guide

To get Ludwig’s Holy Blade, players need to first acquire the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge. The badge can be found in the Healing Church Workshop tower, in the very top room. Getting to the badge, however, is easier said than done.

First, players will want to start at the Cathedral Ward lantern. From there they will want to take the pathway to the left (NOTE: this pathway only unlocks after beating the Blood-Starved Beast) and head up the elevator. This first room holds an elderly gentleman with a machine gun, so be quick and careful to dispatch him.

From there, players will want to head across the bridge, but be mindful of the two gunmen above. They will cause players considerable trouble if they are not quick to move across the bridge, so it’s better to deal with the enemy on the ground level either in the first room or on the ledge underneath the gunman.

Head inside the room opposite the bridge and take out the handful of enemies as carefully as possible. Then, head up the stairs and watch out for another wheelchair gunman, as well as another enemy. Outside is a patrolling giant, so either deal with him inside the room – players don’t want to fall off the ledge – or race past him counterclockwise to the ladder.

Bloodborne Chest

At the top of the ladder, players will face three more enemies, including two more wheelchair guys only this time with flamethrowers. Dispatch them and inside the nearby chest is the Radiant Sword Hunter Badge.

Now that players have the Badge, they can purchase Ludwig’s Holy Blade (as well as a few other new items) at the shop in the Hunter’s Dream. The weapon isn’t going to come cheap, though; it costs 20,000 blood echoes.

Even so, we think Ludwig’s Holy Blade is worth the steep price tag. In terms of pure attack power the sword is among the strongest Bloodborne weapons in the game. Sure, it doesn’t have as much reach, but it scales up pretty well and is very deadly when maxed out using the Blood Rock upgrade item.

So, we’d recommend picking up the weapon and trying it out sooner rather than later. It came in plenty handy for us with many of the Bloodborne bosses.

Do you have Ludwig’s Holy Blade in your arsenal? What is your favorite Bloodborne weapon?

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