Bloodborne DLC Guide: How to Get the Holy Moonlight Sword

bloodborne how to get holy moonlight sword

Follow this helpful little guide to avoid missing out on one of Bloodborne: The Old Hunters' coolest new weapons, a trick weapon called the Holy Moonlight Sword.

It's official: Bloodborne's new DLC, The Old Hunters, is officially out on the PS4 as of today. Gamers looking for a particularly difficult challenge prior to the holiday season are going to have their hands full for the next few days, and those who want an edge prior to diving into From Software's new content need look no further than this small guide detailing how to get a brand new sword. Need to look fresh while slaying the latest medieval abomination? Read on.

YouTuber Patches the Arachnid uploaded a video late yesterday that detailed exactly how Hunters could acquire the Holy Moonlight Sword in Bloodborne's The Old Hunters DLC. Although From Software fans have typically embraced or even created extreme Bloodborne challenges before, Patches' video showed that not everything in the game has to be a dire struggle against the odds.

The video, displayed below, confirms that players must defeat 'Ludwig, the Holy Blade' before they have the option to acquire the Holy Moonlight Sword. Ludwig is located in The Hunter's Nightmare area and already drops the Guidance Caryll Rune upon his defeat, which players can memorize to provide a 20% greater rally potential than they would normally have. After the fight, however, Ludwig's severed head remains alive, and players have the option to talk to him. After a brief conversation that mostly seems like the player's Hunter character performing some last rites, gamers will have the option to attack Ludwig's head, putting him to rest and causing him to drop one of Bloodborne's newest swords.


Although Patches' method appears to be the easiest, it's not the only one that players have discovered either. The Bloodborne Wiki, which also details the sword's stats, suggests that players wearing church attire while talking to Ludwig will simply be given the option to take the sword. Although the Holy Moonlight Sword's ability to transform from a thin greatsword into a glowing version of the Ludwig Greatsword and vice versa is a fun and versatile option for a weapon, From Software has also included other great Bloodborne weapons to find in the new DLC.

It's hard to believe that Sony ever considered Bloodborne a risk after seeing how much of a success the game has been, as many believe it is one of the games that make the PS4 worth buying. Those who agree with that sentiment will find that The Old Hunters DLC is much of the same brand of quality gameplay and entertainment, and hopefully take the time to pick up a weapon that brings even more variety to the game's already deep roster of weapons and armor.

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is available now and is a PS4 exclusive.

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