Readers of our Bloodborne guides thus far will be well aware that From Software’s PS4 exclusive is anything but easy. Yes, one player successfully beat the game without ever leveling, but most will find each new section of Bloodborne to be a greater challenge, and each new boss an insurmountable foe.

So far, we’ve tackled Blooborne’s four main bosses, each of which challenged the player in different ways. Vicar Amelia forces players to be more aggressive. The Blood-Starved Beast boss fight favored patience and perfect timing. And Father Gascoigne taught players the value of the visceral attack.

Next on deck is DarkBeast Paarl, an optional Bloodborne boss found in the Yahar’gul, the Unseen Village. If you’ve never been to Yahar’gul, chances are you’ve never been killed by one of the hooded enemies that carry the giant, person-sized sack. Hint, hint.

In the far back of Yahar’gul is what appears to be a mass of bones and viscera, but approaching closer reveals DarkBeast Paarl, an electrified dog creature with a skeleton face. DarkBeast Paarl kind of looks like a cross between the Blood-Starved Beast and Vicar Amelia, albeit with a very electrifying personality.

Beating DarkBeast Paarl may seem challenging, but with the right strategy any player should be able to make quick work of him/her. The key here is to stay underneath the Bloodborne boss for as long as possible, dealing out damage to its legs while avoiding most of the DarkBeast’s main attacks.

DarkBeast Paarl How to Beat

Players shouldn’t stay underneath the DarkBeast Paarl for long, though, as the boss will occasionally trigger an AOE electricity blast. Once players see the boss charge up, they should hightail it as far away from the DarkBeast as possible, lest they want to lose a large portion of health.

After the DarkBeast has got the electric blast out of his system, players should return to its legs and whack away as often as possible. Doing enough damage to the Bloodborne boss’s legs is key because it will eventually cause the DarkBeast to lose balance. From there, players have two choices: slash away at the DarkBeast Paarl with as many attacks as possible or run around to its face and trigger a visceral attack. Both options do plenty of damage, but the visceral attack tends to deliver more.

As long as players alternate between slashing the legs, dodging the occasional swipe, and clearing out when the electric attack triggers, the DarkBeast Paarl should be done in no time. But, if he’s still giving you trouble, there’s always Molotov cocktails and oil urns – a useful tool against any beast.


After the DarkBeast Paarl is dead, players will unlock the Spark Hunter Badge, a healthy amount of Blood Echoes, a new lantern, and a shortcut into the lower area of Old Yharnam.

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Bloodborne is available now for PS4