If there’s one thing about Bloodborne that has been made clear thus far it’s that every player has a different trouble spot…or trouble spots, whatever the case may be. Some Bloodborne players can get through several of the game’s challenging bosses, but when they come up against another they hit a brick hall. However, for others that same boss may be the one they had the least trouble with.

As a result it’s hard to predict just which Bloodborne bosses players may need a little help beating. Father Gascoigne, for example, can be a pushover if players use the stagger and visceral attack combo, but the game doesn’t actually make that mechanic very clear early on. Similarly, it’s only after taking on the Blood-Starved Beast a few times that it becomes obvious that he leeches out poison about halfway through the fight.

Either way, out of all the Bloodborne bosses there seems to be one giving players the most trouble: Amygdala. As one of the biggest (if not the biggest) bosses in all of Bloodborne, Amygdala is plenty intimidating; however, she’s not as difficult as some may think.

Most of the confusion surrounding Amygdala’s difficulty stems from her size, and what little time there is to get a sense of her attacks and vulnerabilities. Because she’s so large, players can’t actually get a full view of the Bloodborne boss without getting smashed to pieces. And trust us when we say Amygdala is plenty capable of killing players in a single hit.

If they could get a full view, however, players would see that Amygdala has a few glowing spots on her hands – key weak points in her otherwise impenetrable skin. So while hitting her in the legs or chest may do a pitiful 10 points of damage, attacking these areas makes a more substantial dent. And, if Amygdala does happen to rear downward, her head is yet another weak point, but getting to that is easier said than done.

Bloodborne - Amygdala Boss

As with many Bloodborne bosses, the key to Amygdala beyond hitting her in the vulnerable spots is getting in her safety zone and staying there. In this case, that’s the canopy underneath her massive torso. Under here, players should be able to avoid most of Amygdala’s attacks, except for her giant leap in the air. When she leaps, players should dodge like crazy and hope that she doesn’t come crashing down on their head.

While underneath Amygdala, players should have no problem whacking away at her hands (the ones with the glowing orange weak points) and dodging attacks. However, if anything gets a little hairy don’t be afraid to take a step back and heal. Then watch out for Amygdala’s deadly frontal attacks and try to get back underneath her as quickly as possible.

Eventually Amygdala will rip off two of her arms and start using them like batons, so keep an eye out for that as well. It’s bad enough that she’s capable of killing players in one hit, but with the added reach she is very deadly. Luckily, players should be underneath her belly and out of the way of those arm batons.

Following this method players should have no problem downing Amygdala in a timely manner, provided they have effectively leveled up to this point. If say, for example, the player was trying to beat Amygdala at the starting level, then that might be a little more of a challenge.

Amygdala Guide Bloodborne

The main struggle seems to be the lack of knowledge regarding the weak points. Because From Software doesn’t like to spoon-feed its players, many simply don’t know that Amygdala is capable of taking more damage and therefore saw the boss fight as a massive uphill climb. It’s still a challenge – there’s no doubt about that – but it’s not impossible.

We should mention that Amygdala is a completely optional boss, so players who are struggling don’t have to beat her then and there. They can try to explore more of the game (what’s left of it at that point) and perhaps come back when they’ve leveled a little higher. As you can see in the video above, she didn’t pose too much of a problem for us by the time we fought her.

Did you have any trouble with Amygdala? What are some helpful tips you can share for the boss fight?

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Bloodborne is available now for PS4