Bug Creates ‘Bloodborne’s’ Easy Mode

By | 2 years ago 

Bloodborne is a game of patience. While the game’s combat certainly requires quick reflexes and rewards strategic risk-taking, it’s better to wait things out and make a plan, especially when facing Bloodborne’s menagerie of monstrous bosses. Take a step back and observe enemy movements. Rushing straight ahead won’t just make you miss the game’s “real” ending, it will also get you killed.

In fact, if you’re really patient, Bloodborne is kind of a breeze. According to Reddit user Selakah, leaving the game running on the PlayStation 4 for about twelve hours introduces some kind of bug – most likely a memory leak, although that’s not confirmed – that completely changes boss’ behavior.

Unfortunately, Selakah found this out the hard way. While engaged in a marathon Bloodborne session, the game’s later bosses proved to be disappointingly easy. According to Selakah’s report, Mergo’s Wet Nurse – one of the last enemies in the game – simply lumbered towards the player, without using any special attacks. Other opponents were stuck doing basic physical attacks; one, Ebrietas, just “repeatedly faceplanted and spit blood.”

Initially, Selakah was disappointed – this was the game that was giving everyone so much trouble? – and didn’t realize something was wrong until looking at other players’ YouTube videos. At that point, Selakah restarted the PlayStation 4, and the game returned to normal.

Bloodborne Ebrietas

Since this bug was discovered, other players have repeated Selakah’s results, with many (jokingly) calling the glitch Bloodborne’s “easy mode.” Unfortunately, players using the PlayStation 4’s new suspend and resume feature aren’t exempt from the bug. It happens there, too. As of now, the only way to fix the problem is to quit Bloodborne and shut the PlayStation 4 down completely.

Interested players should take advantage of easy mode soon, as it likely won’t be around too much longer. Developer From Software is already working on a patch to improve the game’s load times and to fix a game-breaking bug that halted players’ progress. Now that easy mode is out there, it wouldn’t be surprising if the bug was patched sooner rather than later.

Bloodborne is a great game, and deserves to be played the way that the developers intended (even if you need a little help from time to time). However, if there’s a way to cheat, players are going to do it. In addition to the easy mode bug, speedrunners have already discovered a series of exploits that whittle down the game’s lengthy campaign to just 37 minutes.

Source: Selakah