From Software has been bringing the challenge back to gaming with their particular brand of punishingly difficult action-RPGs for a while now, beginning with 2009’s Demons Souls. This year From unleashed the steampunk-y Victorian epic Bloodborne on the world, to both critical acclaim and sales success. Even Sony was surprised by how well the game did, with Bloodborne selling a million copies by April 5th, less than two weeks after its release.

Given Bloodborne‘s sharp difficulty curve, there are undoubtedly many fans who still haven’t beaten the game yet, and mastering it will take even longer. With Bloodborne having hit shelves barely even two months ago, it might seem a little early to be thinking about what comes next, but then again, this is the era when DLC can arrive as early as day one, and apparently die-hard fans aren’t the only ones setting their minds on Bloodborne‘s future. Word from Sony indicates a Bloodborne expansion is on the horizon.

The latest news come straight from Shuhei Yoshida, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. Apparently the question of potential Bloodborne DLC is one he’s been fielding often of late, because Yoshida recently tweeted:

Unfortunately, there isn’t any more concrete information at this point, and “later this year” encompasses a lot of territory. That being said, E3 2015 is right around the corner, so it’s possible Sony and From Software might have something to share in mid-June. Bloodborne fans should keep their fingers crossed, assuming they can pry them away from their controllers.

While details of the Bloodborne DLC are spartan at this point, there is some room for informed speculation. One potentially useful thing to consider is how From Software handled DLC for Bloodborne‘s predecessor, Dark Souls 2. After Dark Souls 2‘s initial release in March 2o14, From Software put out three DLC expansions: Crown of the Sunken King, Crown of the Old Iron King, and Crown of the Ivory King.

Each of these added new areas, enemies, bosses, gear, and spells, and, depending on how skilled players were, could take players upwards of ten hours to complete apiece. If From takes a similar approach to Bloodborne, fans will hopefully be able to look forward to a significant amount of new content. That’s exciting, as meaty, story-based DLC is the most exciting kind for gamers more focused on the singleplayer side of things than multiplayer.

It’s also worth noting that Yoshida described the DLC as “an expansion.” That may be meant in purely the most literal sense, but traditionally an “expansion” has often been used to describe a particularly large addition to a game, such as Dragon Age: Origins – Awakening or Grand Theft Auto 4‘s Tales from Liberty City packs. Yoshida’s description of the upcoming Bloodborne DLC in this manner doesn’t necessarily prove anything, but a larger chunk of content certainly wouldn’t be out of character with From Software’s past efforts.

Bloodborne is currently available exclusively on PlayStation 4. Gamers getting stuck in Bloodborne can check out our strategy guides for defeating some of the game’s beasts, such as the DarkBeast Paarl, the Hemick Witches, and Rom the Vacuous Spider.

Source: Twitter