'Bloodborne Bug' Halts Player Progression, Fix Inbound

Bloodborne Progression Bug

Since its release earlier this week, Bloodborne has been a major conversation piece among hardcore gamers. This doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering the game is developed by Dark Souls and Demon’s Souls studio From Software, who are well known for making extremely difficult, community-driven experiences.

Thanks to that active Bloodborne community, Sony and From Software have been able to suss out gameplay problems more quickly than they might have other wise. For example, the forums and threads helped uncover a progression bug in Bloodborne, and From Software has already begun working on a fix.

The bug in question triggers during the Forbidden Woods section of the game and apparently stems from multiplayer. If players try to bring in another player or invade another player’s game, they will apparently lose access to an important item called the Lunarium Key. So, for the time being, From Software advises players not to use their Sinister Resonant Bell (for invading) or Small Resonant Bell (for co-op) while in the Forbidden Woods area.

Thus far, it sounds as though the bug has only affected a small group of players, but anything that halts player progress is surely disappointing. It’s even more so because Bloodborne, like any Souls game, is an experience predicated on player exploration and discovery, so many players might not even realize that they aren’t seeing the item.

Bloodborne Screen - Field Area

Sony says that the Bloodborne progression bug patch should hit some time next week, but they were quick to clarify that this update will not fix other pre-existing problems. For example, a fix for the lengthy Bloodborne load times is still making its way through development and will therefore not be available at the same time.

Outside of those occasional issues, however, Bloodborne has been getting rave reviews across the board from both critics and gamers. Obviously, the game’s steep difficulty curve is going to be an instant turn off for some, but we’d argue that the game is more approachable than the Souls games. That doesn’t necessarily mean it is easier, but overcoming those obstacles certainly seems more feasible from our perspective.

Make to read our first impressions post and watch our Let’s Play video for a closer look at Bloodborne and a detailed breakdown of its mechanics.

Have you encountered this bug in Bloodborne? Have you noticed any other major problems with the game?

Bloodborne is available now for PS4.

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