Danish Promotion Rewards Blood Donors with 'Bloodborne'

Bloodborne blood donation

One of the most hotly anticipated releases of this spring is From Software's follow-up to Dark Souls, the PlayStation-exclusive Bloodborne. As the game's title suggests, blood is a key part of its Dracula-inspired narrative — and for some Danish players, blood will prove to be a very handy resource when they head out to grab their copy of the game.

Danish charity GivBlod has announced a partnership with PlayStation that will offer a new PlayStation 4 game to people who donate blood or register to donate blood in Copenhagen on March 23. The roll of a dice will determine whether that game is Bloodborne or another, older title.

The promotion reportedly comes as a response to the shortage of male blood donors in Denmark. While there's nothing to say that women can't take part in this promotion, it's clear that Bloodborne is seen as a game that appeals to a largely male audience — as well as being the obvious choice for this campaign since it has the word 'blood' in its title.

That being said, it's something of a surprise that Mortal Kombat X wasn't selected as the featured video game. Bloodborne might feature the red stuff prominently in its plot, but there are few franchises in the history of video games that can compare to Mortal Kombat for its use of blood. Unsurprisingly, the upcoming instalment seems to be no exception.

Bloodborne Chalice Dungeon

This isn't the first time in recent months that video games and blood donation have collided. A Kickstarter campaign for a game that punished poor performance by draining the player's blood went viral late last year, but was soon pulled from the service amidst concerns about whether the mechanic was actually all that safe.

Thankfully, this promotion seems far more legitimate; while Bloodborne is being given as a reward for the Danes' donations, the actual blood-drawing itself will be performed by a trained professional, rather than based on how well the donor performs in the game. Given the difficulty of the title, that could well be a dangerous bargain for the player.

The question is, would you give up some blood for a new release like Bloodborne? There are no plans to run a similar promotion outside of Denmark, but would you take part if the same deal was available in your region? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Bloodborne is set to release on PlayStation 4 on March 24, 2015.

Source: GivBlod

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