'Bloodborne' Beaten By Speedrunner In Less Than An Hour [UPDATED]



As with many games, though, some players have taken to "breaking" the game more than simply playing it. In doing so, one gamer has achieved the shortest completion time of the game yet.

Oginam_tv is not particularly well-known on YouTube, with only 545 subscribers at the time of this writing. However, he has a new claim to fame: finishing Bloodborne in merely 44 minutes. Completionists should take note that this speedrun involves a series of glitches that allow players to skip large portions of the game. The exact steps he's taken can be seen in the video above, but it generally involves glitching over a fence to access the Forbidden Woods hours in advance, and an item duplication glitch to beef up his character so he isn't demolished by later bosses.


Speedrunners have previously made headlines by demolishing games like Fallout 3 and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in less than 20 minutes, but it may be the first time a very recent game has experienced such a short speedrun. In addition, speedrunners of older games generally have the advantage that those older games don't get updated or patched to fix the glitches that are necessary to perform a speedrun. Bloodborne, on the other hand, is so fresh that chances are these glitches will be removed from the game in a matter of days via patch.

Bloodborne currently offers the best of both worlds: it's excruciatingly difficult and offers dozens of hours of gameplay, but it can also be broken and cheated through at a rapid pace. Even if a patch is released to fix the glitches that Oginam_tv used on his speedrun, other speedrunners will surely continue to find new ways to speed through the game. It's probably also only a matter of time before the 44-minute record is broken by an even shorter speedrun.

While speedruns are a novelty to some, others may find their existence infuriating. It might seem insulting to see someone demolish a game in less than an hour when a normal playthrough involves skill, adrenaline, and dozens of hours of dedication.

[Update] Shortly after setting the 44-minute record, Oginam_tv beat his record by 7 minutes, completing the game in 37 minutes. Check out his new record here. 

Do you find speedruns to be enjoyable, or do you think games should be played the way they were designed to be?

Bloodborne released on March 24, 2015 for the Playstation 4.

Source: Kotaku, Oginam_tv

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