‘Bloodborne’ Player Beats Hardest Challenge at Lowest Level

By | 2 years ago 

YouTube user and video gamer JoeFenix didn’t plan on clearing out Bloodborne’s Chalice Dungeons. “I only intended to play through the main game… on my LVL 4 character,” he says. After all, beating the From Software’s latest title, which is making waves in the gaming community for its fair but punishing difficulty curve, is hard enough; doing so with a Waste of Skin character (the game’s weakest starting class) at the lowest possible level is even harder.

Yet, despite JoeFenix’s original goal, other players talked him into trying something much, much more difficult. “Some stream viewers got me interested in seeing how bad it would get down in the depth 4-5 dungeons,” JoeFenix told IGN. And so, he dove into the Chalice Dungeons, Bloodborne’s biggest and most daunting challenge. See, unlike the main levels, Chalice Dungeons are procedurally generated, meaning that there’s no real way to prepare for what’s coming next.

As it turns out, JoeFenix didn’t just do well, he flourished. After twenty five tries, he defeated the secret boss, Yarnham, Pthumerian Queen, and the Defiled Chalice dungeon, which cut his already paltry health in half. In doing so, JoeFenix became the first known person to completely clear out the Chalice Dungeons. That’s impressive on its own, to say nothing of the fact that he did so with the weakest possible character.

Bloodborne Chalice Dungeon Beaten

Like almost everything else in Bloodborne, it wasn’t easy. “There’s just a lot that can go wrong in a fight like that,” JoeFenix admits, “off screen attacks that kill you in one hit…. Fights tended to last quite a long time due to my low damage output relative to [boss’] vitality.” Still, JoeFenix persevered, and captured the in-game footage to prove it.

Bloodborne is the biggest thing in video games at the moment (although that’s likely to change next week when Mortal Kombat X releases on consoles and PC) and now that the game’s been out for a few weeks, players are starting to solve many of the game’s challenges and secrets. News regarding a third, semi-secret ending broke last week, while skilled players are currently trying to beat Bloodborne’s main campaign without leveling up. So far, however, JoeFenix’s accomplishment trumps pretty much everything else.

If Bloodborne remains popular for the next few months – and there’s no reason to think that it won’t – expect to see fans accomplishing increasingly ridiculous feats as the summer rolls on. Fans of Destiny, which came out last September, one-up each other practically every week; recently, one player beat Crota’s End, one of Destiny’s challenging end-game raids, in just over 12 minutes.

Source: IGN