Shortly after the launch of Bloodborne on PS4 a theory developed among the game’s most devoted fans. Inspired by the story’s obsession with beasts and a consumable called the Beast Blood Pellet (which raised a mysterious Beasthood meter), the theory hypothesized that Bloodborne players could turn into some form of beast, if they satisfied a special set of circumstances. Unfortunately, no such transformation was ever found, outside of a weapon called a Beast Claw.

With the launch of Bloodborne’s Old Hunters DLC expansion, however, the theories have been renewed, and it turns out there may be some truth to them this time. But to discuss the potential of turning into a beast there will have to be some Bloodborne DLC spoilers, so be warned.

Without mincing words, Bloodborne does finally offer a beast transformation to players, but it requires a fair bit of work. Most importantly, players will need to beat one of the Old Hunters’ optional bosses, Laurence the First Vicar, who can be quite difficult.

Luckily, we’ve already detailed how best to tackle Laurence, a relentless fire-covered beast that reminds us of Vicar Amelia. The main difference with Laurence, though, is his final transformation, which offers very little room for attacks and can quickly take a player from full health down to nothing.

After beating Laurence, unlocking Beast Mode isn’t too difficult. Players will acquire a Beast’s Embrace Rune after beating Laurence and equipping the rune turns the player character into a beast. It’s as simple as that.

Now, players shouldn’t expect Beast Mode to change their look too drastically; it really makes the character look like a werewolf more than anything else. But, transforming into a beast does unlock some new attacks, doubly so if players equip the aforementioned Beast Claw weapon.

For as easy as it might be to turn into a beast in Bloodborne, the ability serves as more of an end-capper to the experience. After defeating Laurence, there truly isn’t much more to do in the world of Bloodborne, outside of starting a New Game+, leveling up that new Moonlight Great Sword, or exploring some of the higher level Chalice Dungeons. But chances are if players are equipped to take on Laurence, then they have already done all that is necessary.

Have you beaten Laurence and unlocked the beast transformation in Bloodborne? Are there any other cool “secrets” you have found in the game?

Bloodborne: The Old Hunters is out now for PS4.

Source: IGN