Amazon Leaks Bloodborne 2, Sunset Overdrive 2, and More

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Amazon Italy has developed a reputation of leaking video games, and its latest leaks are some of the most exciting yet. As spotted by members of the Resetera forums, Amazon Italy has once again prematurely added pages for unannounced video games, including the likes of Bloodborne 2 and Sunset Overdrive 2.

Both Bloodborne 2 and Sunset Overdrive 2 currently have placeholder dates on Amazon Italy for December 31st, 2019, meaning that they are likely aiming for release next year. The listed platforms are PS4 and Xbox One respectively, which could indicate that Amazon Italy has revealed two of 2019's biggest console exclusive games.

Amazon Italy also has a listing for a new Splinter Cell game, which many expected to be announced at E3. While E3 2018 came and went without Ubisoft announcing the new Splinter Cell, the multiple leaks about the game make it likely that it is in fact in development, and so fans should expect an official announcement to come within the next year or so. In fact, it's possible that the game will even be revealed at Gamescom in August, which serves as the next big gaming event after E3.

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Besides leaking unannounced games, Amazon Italy has also potentially revealed the release dates for games that have already been announced. According to the site, the PS4 exclusive Dreams, developed by LittleBigPlanet studio Media Molecule, is apparently aiming for the very-crowded February 22, 2019 release date. Meanwhile, Dark Souls Remastered for the Nintendo Switch and its Solaire of Astora amiibo, will both be out on August 31, if the listings are to be believed.

And finally, Amazon Italy has also leaked the Fortnite PS4 bundle. This bundle was previously leaked by PlayStation Italy - it's unclear why all of these leaks appear to originate from Italian-based websites.

Some fans may be wondering if these listings are to be believed or if they're just placeholder listings. Considering we've had previous leaks for things like the Fortnite PS4 bundle and Splinter Cell, it seems safe to assume that these listings are legitimate. However, official announcements could still be a ways off.

Source: Resetera

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