Bloodborne 2 'Isn't Up to Me' Reveals Game Director

The director of FromSoftware's incredibly difficult action RPG Bloodborne reveals that making Bloodborne 2 isn't his decision. Fans have kept asking FromSoftware to make a sequel and there was huge excitement when players thought that they'd found a Bloodborne 2 Easter egg in Deracine, a FromSoftware virtual reality game.

Speaking to GameSpot Brazil and translated by a ResetEra user named Gbraga, Bloodborne game director Hidetaki Miyazaki laughed when asked about a sequel and said "Bloodborne 2... Unfortunately, it's not up to me." Some fans are disappointed by comments but others are feeling hopeful. Miyazaki seems to be suggesting that it's up to the game's publisher, Sony, to make Bloodborne 2 and so it's possible that a sequel could happen.

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There's also the suggestion that Sony would be foolish not to let FromSoftware develop Bloodborne 2. Fans of the series keep finding ways to creatively beat Bloodborne and FromSoftware's other action games, confirming that they are getting huge amounts of enjoyment years after the games' release. They also responded well when Amazon seemed to leak Bloodborne 2 as well as a Sunset Overdrive sequel. Those games aren't in development but the response shows that many would be happy to spend money on new releases.

In the ResetEra thread, some Bloodborne fans also wonder if Sony would allow FromSoftware to make Bloodborne 2 if it meant that it would help to sell more PS5 consoles. Sony has added Bloodborne to its line of affordable PS4 games, called Hits, too so it knows that there is demand there. It also sees that the game keeps selling well more than four years after release. That doesn't guarantee that Bloodborne 2 would help it to shift PS5 consoles, but it does give the company an idea of how the sequel could perform and if it would get its money back.

Unfortunately for now, there's no word on what Sony may do with the Bloodborne series. However, fans of FromSoftware can look forward to more tough action RPG gameplay from the developer. The studio is now working on Elden Ring with Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin and rumors suggest that the game will be released next summer. There are also rumors about a Demon's Souls remaster as Bluepoint Games has confirmed that it is working on something new. These games may not be Bloodborne 2, but they're the closest fans will probably get for a while.

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Source: GameSpot Brazil, ResetEra

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