Bloodborne 2 Logo Debunked as Fake

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An alleged logo and title screen for a Bloodborne sequel have been making the rounds over the past few days, prompting speculation that FromSoftware is hard at work on a follow-up to the critically-acclaimed 2015 title. Thanks to some eagle-eyed fans, however, this title screen has been deemed to be nothing more than a very convincing photoshop job.

The screenshot itself is quite sparse and doesn't feature much other than the alleged Bloodborne 2 logo and the usual Sony disclaimer text at the bottom, however, this was enough for fans to quickly debunk the title screen as a fake. The disclaimer text at the bottom of the title screen reads "Sony Computer Entertainment", but this is incorrect as Sony officially changed its name to "Sony Interactive Entertainment" back in 2016, thus establishing that this logo is the product of photoshop.

Despite how convincing this fake Bloodborne sequel title screen is, it's perhaps no surprise that the logo was quickly debunked as a hoax. Following the release of Dark Souls 3 last year, game director Hidetaka Miyazaki has stated that he plans on developing a new IP rather than continuing on the Dark Souls and Bloodborne franchises, meaning that the chance of a Bloodborne follow-up is quite low at this point in time.

As for what new game fans can expect from Miyazaki and FromSoftware, details have been scarce but there is evidence suggesting that work is well underway on a new project or projects due to a recent job listing at the studio for a dark fantasy 3D action RPG. While nothing has been confirmed yet by FromSoftware, Miyazaki did mention some months ago that the studio has three different games in the works: the aforementioned dark fantasy RPG, a reboot/new IP influenced by a previous franchise, and something that's completely new for the studio. A new Bloodborne game doesn't quite fit the descriptions of what FromSoftware are working on, but it remains to be seen if the series is truly on ice at the moment.  

The debunking of this Bloodborne sequel title screen will undoubtedly disappoint fans, but seeing as how FromSoftware has been very secretive in regards to its next project, a Bloodborne follow-up isn't completely off the table just yet. Given that E3 2017 just a couple of weeks away, the conference is the perfect place for a big announcement of some sort, thus fans will simply have to wait and see if the studio will announce a new Bloodborne game or another new IP altogether at the event.

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