Blood Gulch Returns in Halo: Reach

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It's the seventh day of the seventh month, and every Bungie fan knows exactly what that means -- Bungie Day. Every year at this time Bungie releases something special for the community, and this year is no exception. Bungie announced today that the trademark multiplayer map for the series, Blood Gulch, will be making it's triumphant return in Halo: Reach after being absent in Halo 3.

The video released that announced the return of everyone's favorite map features none other than the guys at Rooster Teeth. As you we will soon see in the video below, Blood Gulch is very familiar, yet drastically different. If you don't believe us then you can see the "Deja View" trailer for yourself.


See, we didn't lie to you; the map is still familiar, but now you can finally go outside of the canyon! There are brand-new vehicles, teleporters for your convenience, and the caves return too. The video also seems to tease a new armor ability that allows players to create a holographic decoy, but that could have just been Rooster Teeth trying to intentionally mislead people.

Overall, Halo: Reach's new and improved Blood Gulch looks to be the same level that we have all missed over the years, but with some extras that are sure to breathe new life into the classic map. The trailer ends with "Go outside the canyon. Comic-Con 2010", so an educated guess would be that the earliest we can score hands on time with the new Blood Gulch is Comic-Con 2010. Luckily, Game Rant will be in attendance for the event, so we can give you our hands-on impression in a couple of weeks.

Are you excited to learn that Blood Gulch will be making it's comeback in Halo: Reach? What other classic maps would you like to see return?

Halo: Reach is set to launch on September 14th, later this year, exclusively on Xbox 360.


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