'Blood Drive' Launch Trailer Revealed

Blood Drive Trailer

What do you get when Activision pools together Carmageddon, Vigilante 8 and hordes of zombies? The newly released console game, Blood Drive. Just in time for Halloween, Activision has launched a new trailer to taunt everyone before they can get their hands on it.

In September we noted that not only will Blood Drive be released at a discounted price, but it also will have an innovative multiplayer feature that allows gamers to drop-in and drop-out of a match. Forget faulty matchmaking, teammates who quit early, and your friends who are to impatient to wait to start a new match because you had to get more Mountain Dew,  these are the sort of small things that make most gamers happy.

The newest trailer shows some gameplay, cut scenes with a side of the zombie apocalypse. Blood Drive will have six different environments to choose from and you can play with up to three other people online.

"Zombies with Attitude: Sick, disgusting, diverse and interesting zombies lifted from the streets of a post-apocalyptic desert sin city. Strippers, cops, frat boys and bachelorette partiers and more. Each complete with unique attitudes...and innovative ways to kill them!"


Vehicles can be fitted with various weapons and defensive items like in Vigilante 8, but with the addition of zombie pedestrians like in Carmageddon. The trailer essentially just shows a zombie massacre using each of the characters. Now more than ever do the attached weapons look like they came from Vigilante 8 as most of them appear to be missile launchers, rail guns and even a specialized EMP sound wave.

There isn't a lot of new information to be found in this trailer, but it does appear to show some of the advanced damage vehicles will take. Additionally there seems to be a point system in place that provides higher numbers depending upon how you kill the zombies. Aside from the hordes of zombies, there may be some specialized infected like those in Left 4 Dead. A Jockey like zombie can be seen attacking the roof of a car, but that's only speculation

With Twisted Metal still in early development and with no release date available, do you think Blood Drive will sate the public's hunger for the vehicular combat genre?

Blood Drive is currently available for $49.95 on the Xbox 360 and Ps3.

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