BlizzCon Opening Ceremonies Live Blog

Blizzcon 2010 Live Blog

BlizzCon 2010 is kicking off with another bang. Starting at 11:00 PST the opening ceremonies for BlizzCon are kicking off. Game Rant has got your back and we'll be updating you with each and every new bit of information that is revealed. Stick around!

12:06 - Thanks for sticking with us, everyone!

11:54 - A few great surprises! PvP battles in Diablo 3, a new Diablo 3 class, and Blizzard's digital distribution of Cataclysm. Hopefully those new Diablo 3 trailers will hit the internet soon and we'll get those out to you ASAP! What do you think, Ranters? Was this everything you wanted from a BlizzCon opening ceremony or were you hoping for even more? Oh, and one last big point. They're interviewing Chris Metzen right now and someone asked if there were any other big announcements coming over the rest of the weekend. Chris says ... no. The big announcements were all in the opening. He says he is sorry there are no huge announcements.

Also some movie news! They've got the story hammered down for the World of Warcraft movie. A lot of great concepts and ideas, but they need to wait for the green light (the money).

The World of Warcraft book 'The Shattering' begins a new arc for Thrall's story, and leads into what will eventually be the confrontation with DeathWing in Cataclysm. Thrall is going to have a large part in this. It wouldn't be titled 'The Shattering: Prelude to the Cataclysm' otherwise, I suppose.

11:53 - And that was the opening ceremony!

11:53 - If you haven't watched it yet, check the opening cinematic out here.

11:48 - Talking about the new Cataclysm introduction cinematic. Think they're going to show it now. Screen is black, lots of grinding noises. And yes, it's leading into the Cataclysm cinematic. buffering issues again, BRB.

11:46 - Class based battles (looks like they're against NPCs); team based battles (looks like 3v3? No, 5v5?). And of course 1v1! Looks awesome. They'll be demoing this on the show floor, so look for impressions hitting the net soon!

11:45 - Announcing Diablo 3 PvP battle arenas! And another trailer!

11:45 - The new Diablo 3 class is the "Demon Hunter"!

11:42 - Just in time! New Diablo 3 trailer! "You probably ran, until you couldn't take another step. I remember that feeling." Dual crossbow hunter! Holy! Then a bolo shooting huge crossbow! Grenades? Spread shot! Traps! This is the new character we've been waiting for!

11:39 - Oof! That was great! Chris is getting a drink and moving onto "Phase 2 of the operation". And of course I'm catching some buffering issues. :) BRB!

11:29 - "Geek is:" Picture of transformer toys. A D20! Conan the Barbarian! Captain America, "This damn guy!" Haohmaru from Samurai Showdown 2 "Get off me Street Fighter." Thundercats. Luke Skywalker. Dragons. GI Joes! Batman! Neo bending a spoon! Anime jet pilot I don't recognize! Spider-Man Toby! Doom 2! Sigourney from Aliens! Comic book Thor! "He's why Thrall got a hammer." Battlestar Galactica! Everquest! "None of this would be here without Everquest." 300 movie shot! "Geek is holding the line." Night Elf! *Joke about Avatar* Star Trek! Original DM screen from AD&D! The One Ring! I'm amazed I'm recognizing all of this stuff. Star Wars logo. Hey we covered this already! "Watching your kids looking at Star Wars for the first time and wondering if it will transform their little imaginations like it did yours." Super Man!

11:29 - "The word, my friends, is this: Geek." Kind of anticlimactic. Reminiscent of Spector's PAX keynote, though.

11:28 - Fifth word: (he gets out his clicker).

11:27 - "I've got cotton mouth like you wouldn't believe. Not for that reason you guys." Nice.

11:25 - A little word association here. First word: Horde. Second word: Diablo. Third word: Alliance. Fourth word: StarCraft. The audience is just screaming in response.

11:24 - Mike is introducing Chris Metzen, Senior VP of Creative Development, for a big announcement regarding Diablo 3! Bye Mike! Hi Chris!

11:23 - "For the first time you will be able to preorder the expansion straight from Blizzard." You can download the expansion in advance and start playing as soon as the servers go live. Which is Dec 7 at Midnight.

11:22 - "Beta testing for Cataclysm has been amazingly successful!"

11:21 - Going over some of the exciting things they'll have at BlizzCon this year. Panels, contests, a band that can kill a yak with mind bullets. Some of the bands content may not be appropriate for most age groups.

11:19 - Announcing a StarCraft 2 exhibition match between two of Korea's top players, including FruitDealer.

11:16 - A quick recap of the 2009 BlizzCon, StarCraft 2 launch, hundreds of tournaments like the 'Global StarCraft 2 League'. It's the last year in review!

11:15 - Talking about FruitDealer, a Zerg player who one $90,000 in one of the latest tournaments. That's a lot of money! I still think you'd do better making custom items for Team Fortress 2.

11:13 - The Ghost of the Past trailer was the number one trailer on Youtube for one week. For one week, the Terrans beat Justin Bieber. Mike is killing it.

11:13 - "This is sort of like a double rainbow year for us."

11:12 - Arthas has been slain about 489,000 times.

11:11 - Moonkin Hatchling charity pet coming in the month of November!

11:10 - More than 1.1 million dollars to the make-a-wish foundation from the Pandaren Monk pet sale. Good job World of Warcraft crew!

11:09 - Talking about Custom Games for StarCraft 2 which will be shown off at Blizzcon including StarCraft Dota. Doesn't that infringe on Valve's copyright?

11:08 - "Thanks you for keeping us on our toes." ... "Give yourselves a huge round of applause." Over 100,000 people watching via livestreams and DirectTV. Does that include us?

11:06 - "Every World of Warcraft and lined them up to go to Disney Land. We'd reach max capacity for five months straight." That's a lot of teacup rides!

11:04 - Gary introduces CEO and Co-Founder of Blizzard Mike Morhaime! Welcome to BlizzCon 2010!

11:02 - Gary is talking about appropriate audience reactions. It is supposed to be funny? He is not a comedian. It has successfully amped the crowd up though. These folk are excited for some Blizzard news.

11:00 - Looks like a quick intro trailer showing off all of Blizzard's franchises. Just quick reels introducing StarCraft, World of WarCraft and Diablo 3. Here comes Gary Platner, Lead Environmental Artist for World of Warcraft.

11:00 - And the lights go down!

10:58 - Only a couple of minutes away! What are they going to reveal this year? Diablo 3 character is a must, but do they have anything World of Warcraft or StarCraft 2-wise to reveal?

10:51 - About 10 minutes away from the start of the opening ceremonies! Hearing some discussion on the upcoming tournaments right now. Over $200,000 in prizes this year!

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