BlizzCon Costume Contest Winners Revealed

BlizzCon Costume Contest

While most of BlizzCon was frontloaded with new reveals like the Mists of Pandaria WoW expansion and a new trailer for Diablo 3, there is still one staple of the event that brings it to a satisfying conclusion. That staple in question is the BlizzCon costume contest.

As any frequenter of fan conventions like Comic Con or PAX knows, it just isn’t a fan event without come cosplay. There are those who are paid to dress up, commonly known as booth babes, in order to promote a product, and then there are those who dress up to show their love for a product.

Since Blizzard has created some of the most beloved titles, many of which boast a humongous fan base, it makes sense that the costume conquest wouldn’t just be a brief event, but a full-on awards show experience.

Jay Mohr once again served as host for the costume contest, which included some pretty intricate WoW and StarCraft inspired costumes. The winner, whose costume you will see below, not only earned the admiration of a convention hall full of fans, and fans watching around the world, but came away with a cool $3,000. Not bad for "playing dress-up."


Yes, it may not be the type of high profile reveals that most gamers look to BlizzCon for, but it certainly is enough to bring a smile to one’s face. On top of that, seeing how dedicated the Blizzard fans can get — of course with the added incentive of some serious cash thrown in — always makes us proud to be a gamer.

Some really exciting stuff came out of the event this year, and, with Blizzard’s Titan constantly looming overhead, we’re extremely excited to see what next year’s event might bring.

Also make sure to check out all of the juicy news that came out of BlizzCon including a closer look at the new pet battle system and Blizzard’s subscription service.

Which of the three big winners was your favorite of the costume contest? Do you think cosplay is an important part of video gaming culture?

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