BlizzCon 2016: Watch The Opening Ceremony Here

BlizzCon 2016 Virtual Ticket Available Now

BlizzCon 2016 is underway and you can watch all the reveals and competitions that the event is host to right here, straight from Blizzard's official Twitch account.

It's that time of year again, and BlizzCon 2016 will shortly be underway. For those who are uninitiated, the annual event is hosted by Blizzard Entertainment and is the company's main platform for detailing upcoming releases to everyone's favorite Blizzard games.

The opening ceremony for BlizzCon is set to begin at 11 AM PT / 2 PM ET today, and is being live-streamed for free on Blizzard's official Twitch account. Unlike many of BlizzCon's other events, the opening ceremony, as well as any and all eSports functions, do not require the purchase of a virtual ticket. You can watch all the free content in the stream below.


Excitingly, the opening ceremony of BlizzCon is often the place where major announcements get detailed, kicking off the event with a bang. The company has even teased what will be revealed, saying that players will be receiving "news about your favorite Blizzard games." A typical opening ceremony tends to start with a keynote and then progresses through each of Blizzard's IPs, revealing what new content will soon be coming to each game.

Virtual tickets retail at $39.99 and provide players with access to all major moments of the two-day gaming convention. Viewers who purchase the ticket will be able to see a range of interviews with Blizzard employees and developers, as well as seeing various contests on stage as they unfold. The closing ceremony will feature a full-on parody party starring 'Weird Al' Yankovic which will only be available to ticket holders.

Finally, the ticket also unlocks a range of in-game content for players to enjoy. This year, the treasure trove of goodies includes special pets for World of Warcraft, a 20th anniversary pet for Diablo 3, and an exclusive BlizzCon Bastion skin for Overwatch, amongst other items.

One thing on a lot of players' minds right now is the recently revealed Overwatch hero, Sombra. It's entirely possible that today is finally the day that the rumors and leaks converge into an official release date for the hacker character, or else perhaps Blizzard will continue to give the community further clues to follow.

Many WoW fans hoped that the company would take the time to talk about the possibility of Legacy servers for the long-running, popular MMO. Despite demand from the game's fan base, Blizzard has already announced that it will not be discussing the feature at this time.

More will be revealed soon, stay tuned as we provide you with all the latest information as it is revealed at BlizzCon 2016.

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