Blizzard Announces the Official Schedule for BlizzCon 2010


So, let’s take a look at the panels:

Developer panels are always one of the most popular attractions at BlizzCon, as they offer players a chance to discuss the development process with us in person and give attendees a glimpse at what’s in store for their favorite Blizzard Entertainment games. Here’s a sneak peek at some of the panels we’ll be hosting at BlizzCon 2010.

  • Diablo III:
  • There will be 3 Diablo specific panels: the 'Crafting Sanctuary' panel, where the designers, artists, programmers, and writers discuses their rolls in the making of the game; there is the 'Gameplay' panel, in which you will learn about the latest game developments that are coming to Diablo 3; the last panel for will be the 'Open Q&A', where you will get to post your questions to the development team.

  • StarCraft II:
  • StarCraft 2 will have 5 panels for participants to enjoy, starting with the 'StarCraft 2 Art' panel, where you will get to see the how’s and why’s of creating the visual style of the game. 'Custom Maps and Editors' panel is next, where participants will learn more about the creation of custom maps. The 'Multiplayer' panel will show you the science behind the competition. The 'Secrets of the Masters' panel will disclose strategies and tips for players. Lastly, the 'Story Q&A' panel where you can ask all you're burning questions about the campaign in StarCraft 2.

  • World of Warcraft:
  • With Cataclysm days away from release at the time of the convention, I bet that these panels will be a major draw. Starting with the 'Art' panel where you get to see how the team builds the world of Azeroth and how they orchestrate its destruction in Cataclysm. There will be a 'Class Q&A' panel, where you can ask all your class questions. The 'Dungeons & Raids' panel will show how the new PvE elements are made. The 'Live Raid' panel has a leading raiding guild take on a series of bosses live on stage. There will be an 'Open Q&A' to ask all you're burning questions. Finally, the 'Quests and Lore' panel where you can learn the secrets of storytelling in the World of Warcraft.


    3 panels in total here. First we have the 'Cataclysm Panel', where you get a behind-the-scenes tour of the cinematic (perhaps we will finally get a glimpse at the cinematic itself)! 'StarCraft 2 Panel' shows us a look at the cutscenes and cinematic of StarCraft 2, and how they are designed. Finally the 'Blizzard Sound Panel', where you get to see the secrets of the sounds and music that makes Blizzard’s games so epic.

That is a ton of amazingly epic information! I have to say, I am a little jealous as I was one of the millions unable to get tickets, but for those that get to go (or will be watching via Virtual Ticket) these panels are bound to please. With so much great information and great looking panels, we can expect to hear some amazing stories from participants. Expect epic news coming out on October 22 & 23rd.

So what will you be doing? Are you going to Blizzcon and are now planning out all of your panels? Or are you going to be watching through Virtual Ticket? Or will you be like me, watching the news as it breaks on Game Rant? What about the panels, is there one you wished was there? Let us know!

Check out the full official schedule straight from Blizzard here.

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