Titan To Be A Casual MMO

It should come as no surprise to hear the name World Of Warcraft whenever the term MMO is brought up. Blizzard has successfully nailed down a strong quantity of the MMO market and as such, has become an instantly recognizable name. We’ve known that eventually Blizzard would have to move on from their current behemoth in order to pursue a new MMO. For years, this successor has been under production, with little known of its nature besides its name: Titan.

While currently no one knows what to expect from Titan, being a Blizzard title, particularly an MMO, expectations will be high once solid details are revealed. Until then though, a new piece of information has been given by an analyst named Arvind Bhatia. Speaking on Activision-Blizzard’s games lineup for 2011, Bhatia took time to discuss the diverse nature of the company’s future.

Rather than simply relying on juggernauts like World Of Warcraft and the Call of Duty series, the company instead plans to make use of smaller properties like the upcoming Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure in order to draw in casual gamers on top of the hardcore audience.

Bhatia then went on to mention the potential exhibited by “a new casual MMO.” This casual MMO is none other than the title gamers have been referring to as Titan.

While there are more than a few complaints that World Of Warcraft is in itself becoming too much of a casual experience, news that the project which Blizzard at one point stated would “blow people’s minds” will be aimed at a casual audience will no doubt raise some eyebrows.

Generally when gamers think of a casual gaming experience, they aren’t immediately reminded of anything mind-blowing or bigger than World Of Warcraft. Instead, smaller bite-sized gaming experiences come to mind. As a company that has years upon years of experience that’s proven they know how to handle an MMO, it will be interesting to see how the Titan project is handled.

While this news may be unsettling for the average gamer, it remains to be seen what it means for Titan. With the current information being extremely sparse, gamers will have to wait before they draw any conclusions regarding the finished game. Even though the word ‘casual’ may strike fear into the hearts of many hardcore gamers, Blizzard absolutely has something planned and may just manage to break down the barriers between the two main categories of players.

What do you think is meant by Titan being a “casual MMO?” Do you think that Blizzard will be able create a casual experience that hardcore gamers will also be able to enjoy?

Titan is rumored to release sometime in 2013.

Source: Gamasutra