Blizzard 2010 Creative Writing Contest Now Open!

Blizzard 2010 Creative Writing Contest

Scribes, pick up your writing instruments and start scribbling. Blizzard Entertainment has just unveiled the 2010 Blizzard Global Writing Contest, and they're inviting you to take part.

In case you missed last year's Creative Writing Contest, here's a general overview. Within the realms of 2,500 - 7,500 words, you are allowed to write a story about any character you like, as long as it's set in either the StarCraft, Warcraft or Diablo universes. Ensure that it's a piece of continuous prose, as opposed to a poem or some non-structured text, and you could be in with a chance of winning!

"What could I win?" I hear you ask. If your entry is deemed to be worthy of first place, you'll win a tour of Blizzard HQ, where you'll have a chance to speak with the team's writing staff. If that's not enough for you, you'll also receive your choice of a Diablo III "OVERTHROWN" barbarian diorama or a Frostmourne Sword.

Seven runners-up will each receive a prize package of the Diablo Archive, the Warcraft Archive, the StarCraft Archive, and the Warcraft: War of the Ancients Archive, all signed by Chris Metzen, the cover artists, and Blizzard's writing staff.

Admittedly, although winning a trip to Blizzard HQ would be pretty cool, I really like the sound of the runner-up prizes. I think that, even if you didn't win the main prize, you could still be pretty darned happy with second - eighth place!

In case you're curious about the standard of writing being presented to the Blizzard crew, here's the introduction to last year's winning entry:

In the Shadow of the Sun

Lor'themar stared at the letter upon his desk. The envelope's broken seal glinted strangely and seemed somehow to reflect his gaze through its deep violet wax. He sighed and lifted the parchment again, ignoring the ridiculous introduction and scripted lettering meant to flatter. It was upon the second page, subtly cached within a number of meandering sentences, that Aethas Sunreaver had announced his visit.

It was phrased nonchalantly, but Lor'themar now had seven years of practice in these matters and had become quite good at teasing apart such political communications. Halduron had been unimpressed. "Not even a request," his old friend and colleague had said, scowling. "He's just decided to show up, has he?"

If you want to read more of last year's competition entries, check out the official page.

I have to say, I'm pretty excited by this. I've dabbled once or twice in the world of fanfiction, and although I would be the first to admit they probably don't stand the test of time, I can certainly understand the appeal behind writing it. I definitely wouldn't recommend that you write a seedy love story involving Thrall and Arthas, however! Somehow, I doubt that would get you very far.

If you do decide to enter, let us know! Here at Game Rant, we're always on the lookout for great writing talent, and personally, I'd love to read every story that you guys come up with!

Click here to enter the Blizzard 2010 Creative Writing Contest. For all rules, terms and conditions, click here.

Will you be entering the Blizzard 2010 Creative Writing Competition? Do you enjoy writing/reading fanfiction? Let us know in the comments below.

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