Rumor Patrol: Blizzard's Product Plans for the Next Five Years

Blizzard Product Slate Leak

What appears to be an official chart documenting the release schedule of all Blizzard products through 2015 has been leaked to the internet. Plans and rough dates for the fourth and fifth expansions to World of Warcraft, the second and third expansions to StarCraft 2, and Diablo 3 and its two expansions are seen. Also, at the bottom of the chart is mention of a project named Titan, scheduled to release in Q4 2013... about nine months or so after the last expansion to StarCraft 2 is released.

The biggest news is, of course, the confirmation of two Diablo 3 expansions, and at least two more World of Warcraft expansions. Diablo 3 hasn't even been released, but it's great to know Blizzard has content planned for it over the next three years. Of course, it may go even beyond that, as the schedule from 2014 on is quite empty. World of Warcraft is almost certain to continue releasing expansions post 2013, but for single player content like Diablo two expansions is probably plenty. No mention of a Diablo 3 console release though.

Surprises are spread throughout the sheet as well. What could StarCraft 2 Phoenix be? What sort of features will we see implemented with the BattleNet 2.0 Map Market and 3rd Party products? The World of Warcraft TCG is already a thing, so is this new product scheduled for 2012 a new standalone PC game? Or will it be a mini-game built into WoW? Just what is Titan?

It's also nice to see Blizzard keeping track of the World of Warcraft movie, because some studios seem to forget to do that.

Blizzard's General Manager in China was fired due to this information leak, so ponder these questions in tribute to poor Ye Weilun. His mishap may have angered Blizzard, but millions of gamers across the world are appreciative for the Blizzard news. Details surrounding their games are always kept very secret, and we'll take what we can get.

What about this chart excites you the most, Ranters? Do you remain Blizzard faithful? Excited for the future of StarCraft, WarCraft and Diablo?

Source: MMOGameSite (Via Destructoid)


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