Rumor Patrol: Is Blizzard Working On A New Diablo Game?

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Similar to Bethesda, Valve, and other secretive developers and publishers; Blizzard likes to keep projects under wraps until it is just about time to roll out an alpha test. The creator of World of Warcraft announced an upcoming expansion for the fantasy MMO last week and there was already plenty of in-game footage to tease players with. Although Blizz usually keeps its cards close to the chest, it's possible that an upcoming project may have just been spoiled.

It may be hard to believe, but it was way back in 2012 when Diablo 3 first launched. Although the initial kick off was pretty ugly, the game bounced back in a big way with comprehensive patches, a successful expansion, and console ports that worked far better than anyone expected. With all of that success to work with, Blizzard may be ready to start getting to work on the next installment in the click and loot Diablo franchise.

A recent job posting by Blizzard calls for an Art Director with experience in crafting video game art to join a team of people working on a currently unannounced project. That sounds like it could be a job for any of Blizzard's IPs, but a few other hints make it very clear that this job is Diablo-centric.

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Blizzard just finished launching a Diablo-themed expansion for Heroes of the Storm, so the company may be in full on Diablo mode now. The job posting says the game is unannounced, but does say Diablo directly under the listing.

Here's a look at the skillset that Blizzard is hoping to find...

"Blizzard Entertainment, the developer of the most epic games in the world, is seeking an exceptionally skilled and passionate art director to help develop Blizzard’s next hit game! Work alongside a team of the best artists, engineers and designers on the planet and enjoy the support of a company whose culture is centered on collaborative game development."

"The successful applicant will have at least ten years experience crafting video game art and five years as a lead artist or art director. Other prerequisites include incredible communications and interpersonal skills."

Although it sounds like this is about a Diablo sequel, don't get too excited until Blizzard brings the game on stage at BlizzCon. There's the possibility that this is a job on an upcoming expansion to Diablo 3, but it does sound more like the formation of a new team, which suggests a new game.

Even if the project is Diablo 4, knowing Blizzard, the company will take its time getting the game as close to perfect as possible before launch. We'll keep an eye out for updates, but don't be surprised if this story stays quite for at least a few months.

What do you think Blizzard is up to? Do you think it will be an expansion, remake, or Diablo 4? Let us know in the comments.

Diablo 3 is now available on PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Source: Blizzard

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