Blizzard Making a Mobile RPG According to Job Listing


With a potential new shooter in the works as well as a possible new MMO RTS, it seems as if Blizzard currently has a lot of irons in the fire, with the publisher and developer keeping its nose to the grindstone to create even more products outside of its existing titles. Now, it looks as if the company is set to expand further into the mobile market with a fresh role-playing game, as the studio has recently posted a job listing looking for a Tools Engineer to work on an unannounced mobile project.

According to the listing, Blizzard is looking for a Tools Engineer who can "design and implement content tools for a mobile title" with experience in "C# or Unity development" that has a "passion for RPG games of all types." Unfortunately, though, the job post doesn't offer any additional clues as to whether or not this project will be inspired by a franchise that has already been established by Blizzard, or if it will be a new title altogether.


There's no doubt that Blizzard has plenty of extant properties that would serve the company well with a mobile version, as plenty of fans would surely flock to a mobile iteration of titles inspired by franchises like Diablo or Starcraft. Interestingly enough, a previous job listing posted by the publisher and developer several months ago pointed to a potential mobile Warcraft game, which required applicants to have a "passion for creating imagery synonymous with the Warcraft IP."

Taking all of this into account, it's obvious that Blizzard has plenty of skill when it comes to developing successful titles for the mobile market. After all, the company's collectible card game Hearthstone has a huge player base. With this being the case, whatever Blizzard has in store for its forthcoming unannounced mobile project, it will likely generate a major amount of revenue for the company upon its release.

Source: Blizzard

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