Blizzard Job Posting Teases New MMO RTS

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The last few years have been very good to Blizzard as World of Warcraft experiences a revival thanks to the Legion expansion and Overwatch dominates the FPS streaming market. That's already a lot of success without even mentioning Diablo 3's comeback, Hearthstone, or Heroes of the Storm. That may sound like enough to keep the powerhouse company busy, but it sounds like yet another game is on the way.

A new job listing for Blizzard offers the first hints about what other original content may be coming from the company in the next few years. There aren't a lot of hard facts to work with yet, but the listing does give us a surprising platform and genre to start with.

The most interesting parts of the job listing offer the following details...

"Senior Client Engineer, Unannounced Project: Blizzard Entertainment is seeking an experienced Unity mobile client engineer to work on an unannounced MMO RTS project. The ideal applicant has an unwavering passion for mobile development and solving engineering problems unique to mobile app environments. If you thrive in an environment that values creativity, collaboration, and knowledge sharing, then drop us a line!"

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Blizzard fans are likely about to start coming up with their own theories about what this game will be, but there's really no way of telling based on these limited details. The term MMO is general enough that it describes a much wider variety of games than it did back when WoW launched.

It's hard to think of anything besides Warcraft or Starcraft when hearing Blizzard say RTS, so it's possible that this project another step into the mobile market for those franchises. There are plenty of multiplayer RTS games cluttering the app store and begging for microtransactions to compete with a title like this, but Blizzard has a history of perfecting a genre and taking over the market. It will be very interesting to see if this game enters the field with the intent of being a more interesting, better developed version of something like Clash of Clans or similar titles.

We'll keep an eye out for future job posting or official announcements and update when we know more.

The unannounced Blizzard MMO RTS has no title or release window at this point.

Source: Blizzard

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