Kotick Says Blizzard is Hard at Work on their New MMO IP

It would seem that Blizzard just isn't happy enough with the massive titles they already have lined up to be released so far with: Diablo 3, Starcraft 2, and a new World of Warcraft expansion. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick reminds us that they are working on an entirely new IP.

When Bobby Kotick was questioned about it, he had this to say:

"Remember, we have two enormous investments, one in Bungie and the other in another project at Blizzard that we haven't given a lot of visibility to. Those are going to be entirely new intellectual properties." ... "But with the recognition that the way to build them is take long amounts of time, lots of capable talent, an enormous amount of capital and you have to have a real roadmap for innovation and creativity. And I think that those are going to be two very good examples from the ground up original ideas."

With some of the biggest hits in PC history under their belt, there is no denying that Blizzard has the right to lavish their newest work with such complimentary words. They have already shown the world what they are capable of, and since this is a project they mentioned very vaguely back in 2007, they have clearly been putting a lot of time and effort into the new release. At first, people all thought that it was going to turn out to be some sort of StarCraft MMO, but now that we know it is an IP, those rumors have been erased and now all there is left is a thriving anticipation for more news on the projects.

Other than the fact that this will be a new Intellectual Property and an MMO, Kotick and the rest of the staff at Activision have released no further details. So, we'll all just have to hang on the edge of our seats and wait for the new goodies they are sure to release slowly but surely to the public. Hopefully BlizzCon can shed some new light on the game.

Any speculation from the peanut gallery? Do you think it will be a new gem to add to Blizzard's collection of excellent releases? Or, will it merely end up as another release in between their more important releases? Well, I guess we'll find out when they feel like letting us know.

Source: CVG

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