Diablo 3 BattleTag Free Change

As perhaps a one-time courtesy because things haven’t been running so smoothly with Diablo 3 or maybe out of the kindness of their hearts, Blizzard has announced they will give gamers one more chance to change their Battle Tag nickname, despite their being a one change limit. In order to try to snag a Diablo 3 beta invite many gamers used their one Battle Tag change, but didn’t quite comprehend the severity of that switch.

Some gamers ended up with less than desirable BattleTag nicknames, and now that Diablo 3 has launched they are starting to regret making the switch — or just picking up the game at launch. Thankfully Blizzard is allowing gamers another chance to swap their Battle Tag name out for something else, but this seems to be only a one-time deal.

Unfortunately, if players have yet to use that free name change, this “peace offering” doesn’t grant them two name changes, it’s only still the one that will be available.

It’s important to note that BattleTags in Diablo 3 are not unique, but are an important part of the Diablo 3 experience since that is how other players will recognize you. There are a few no-nos involved with creating a BattleTag, though, so make sure to read the FAQ about picking a name. Why someone would want to pick a less than desirable BattleTag for use in such a highly anticipated game is a bit confusing, but nonetheless there had to be some demand if Blizzard needed to make this exception.

With all of these Diablo 3 issues cropping up during the first week of launch it doesn’t surprise us to see Blizzard extending a little bit of good will whilst at the same time doing a little damage control. Sure, Error 37 might have reared its ugly head more than players would have liked, but by this time next month gamers will be earning real world currency and making their way through the main game for the third or fourth time. And, they’ll be doing it using a BattleTag that best firsts their gamer persona.

Are you going to take advantage of Blizzard’s free BattleTag change for Diablo 3? Do you think this was a goodwill gesture on behalf of a poor game launch?

Source: Battle.net