Blind Twitch Streamer Gets Play of the Game in Overwatch Four Times In A Row

blind twitch streamer gets play of the game in overwatch four times in a row

BlindlyPlayingGames is a blind Twitch streamer best known for his World of Warcraft streams. Recently, BlindlyPlaying started streaming a different Blizzard game, the hero-shooter Overwatch, where he he has mostly played as Torbjorn. Not only did BlindlyPlaying pick up some victories in his Overwatch streams, but he actually got Play of the Game not once, not twice, but four times in a row.

BlindlyPlaying is assisted when playing games by his Twitch chat, who give him instructions that are then read to him on a separate laptop. With some directional help from his Twitch chat, BlindlyPlaying was able to get some impressive kills. His first Play of the Game came on Hanamura when he used Torbjorn's Ultimate ability to pull off a devastating quad kill on the enemy team.

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As he continued to rack up Play of the Games, BlindlyPlaying joked that the game would just "default" to him and give him Play of the Game no matter what. However, it's worth pointing out that BlindlyPlaying's Play of the Games were actually well-deserved. In fact, there was one round where he got Play of the Game and also ended the match with four gold medals, so he was contributing quite a bit to his team's success.

BlindlyPlaying's decision to pick Torbjorn makes sense given the nature of his disability. Torbjorn's Ultimate fires molten lava in a large spread in front of him, meaning that it doesn't require pinpoint accuracy like some other Overwatch characters' abilities might. Additionally, Torbjorn's turret aims and fires at enemies automatically, meaning that BlindlyPlaying was able to consistently contribute to his team as long as his turret was up and operational.

BlindlyPlaying isn't the only blind gamer who has found success despite his disability. A Dutch gamer known as Sven won a match at a Street Fighter 5 tournament held at the Sonic Boom event in Spain. In that match, Sven was playing as Ken, whereas his opponent played as Akuma.

Moving forward, gamers with disabilities should find playing the games they love a little easier. We've already seen advancements in the industry to help people with disabilities play and enjoy video games, whether it's through additional accessibility options or specially-designed hardware like the Xbox One Adaptive Controller.

Overwatch is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch release planned for October 15.

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