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At E3 2019, Bloober Team revealed Blair Witch, a forthcoming first-person horror game set in the universe of the 1999 film The Blair Witch Project. Since this Blair Witch announcement, the developer has shared a number of details about the title, confirming that it will feature time loops and combat, and a new Blair Witch gameplay video gives fans an even closer look at what they can expect to encounter when the game's release date finally arrives.

As seen in this new Blair Witch gameplay video, players will spend their time with the game exploring Black Hills forest after joining a search party that is attempting to locate a missing child. Taking place both during the day and at night, fans will come across objects to examine and sights to scare them during their search of Black Hills, but they will not be totally alone while doing so, as the player character's dog, Bullet, will seemingly play a critical role in the game.

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Indeed, Bullet appears frequently in this Blair Witch gameplay footage, and he will assist player's in their hunt for the missing child. That said, fans that are hoping to enlist the help of their canine companion will need to care for him properly, as Blair Witch will feature a relationship system. The new Blair Witch video does not directly confirm what players will need to do in order to build Bullet's trust, but the ability to pet the dog is shown.

Additionally, the Blair Witch game footage touches on two other items that appear to be central to the title's gameplay: a camcorder and a flashlight. The Blair Witch camcorder will offer several functions, allowing players to revisit recorded footage as they hunt for clues and acting as a tool for solving puzzles. The flashlight, on the other hand, will not only server players in seeing through the darkness of the Black Hills, but it will also be the player character's primary weapon in this highly anticipated horror game.

Blair Witch was one of the best horror games of E3 2019, and many fans will certainly be happy to see this extended gameplay footage. While some may be disappointed to not get a glimpse of combat in the video found here, more details on that system are certain to be provided before the Blair Witch release date arrives later this year.

Blair Witch releases August 30 on PC and Xbox One.

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