Blair Witch First-Person Horror Game Announced at E3 2019

blair witch e3 xbox press conference

In a massive surprise announcement, a Blair Witch first-person horror game was revealed during the Xbox E3 2019 press conference. The two-minute-long announcement trailer shows the protagonist wandering through a dark forest, flashlight in hand, as demons and apparitions appear before them. The iconic Blair Witch hand-camera is also shown briefly. Even more exciting, Blair Witch is confirmed for release on August 30 for both PC and Xbox One.

According to the short description accompanying Blair Witch's announcement trailer, the game is about Ellis, a former police officer, pursuing the disappearance of a young boy in 1996. Blair Witch will be a single-player, story-driven game, so expect Ellis' journey to not go as planned. According to the description, Ellis has more of a troubled past then is immediately apparent, channeling some of Silent Hill's themes. Ellis can expect to confront his nightmares as he meets the mysterious haunted forest locals attribute to the Blair Witch.

Blair Witch is being developed by Polish developer Bloober Team, best known for its modern horror games Layers of Fear and Observer. Funnily enough, Bloober Team only just released a trailer for Layers of Fear 2, which is also launching in 2019. Clearly, Bloober is immersing itself in the success it has found making first-person horror games. Blair Witch will hopefully live up to that recent standard of quality.

Also confirmed is that Ellis' dog is named Bullet. It's a German Shephard and seems like a very good dog.

As an extra surprise, a blip popped up on-screen during the Blair Witch trailer confirming that the horror game will be releasing on Xbox Game Pass at launch. It's unclear for now whether that includes both the Xbox Game Pass and the newly launched PC Game Pass, but clarification on that can be expected soon.

Expect to hear more information about Blair Witch over the course of E3 this upcoming week.

Blair Witch releases August 30 on PC and Xbox One.

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